Yes, you have fallen – but you have not drowned yet. Yes, you were broken – but you were not shattered..

(Was reading a blog. and then, a 22year old gay was seeking for an advice from the blogger..Apparently he fell for someone who was already committed.. theirs was a whirlwind romance, till the other guy drifted away – because he already has a partner, he was the sort of rebound at the time the other guy’s relationship with his partner was on the rocks… Decided to give my piece of unsolicited advice..)

The story goes on and on, repeated a number of times – in different lives.. It’s a vicious cycle – one meets another (there’s no gender bias here), one falls in love, and for some unknown reason, another cannot reciprocate with the same kind of affection that one was willing to give. And again, for some unknown reason, one accepts that fact – until such time when one can no longer compromise. One can no longer stand the pain.

And one’s world collapses. He calls out into the high heavens, asking for answers. Somewhere in this chaos, one laments over an unfinished love story.

He shouted, and was never heard. He broke down, and was never seen. He cried.. And was never consoled.. He wants deliverance… Yet, no one was there to save him.. He grieves his soliloquy, and with all hatred wishes another the same pain he is going through.

Sometime, somehow – you will be there. You will be the miserable one. You will fall for another. You will set an “It’s Complicated” status. You will love.
And you will get hurt.

You would think that life, amidst all the beautiful things it has given you, is pretty much unfair. You would see, think, feel, and breathe bitterness.

But you should not get stuck there. You should not let yourself drown.

Cry if you must, but do not torture yourself. Love is whimsical. The more you sulk, the more you would be deprived of it. Cry… And afterwards, let it go. Move on.

You may let your heart be broken. After all, the most beautiful of hearts are the ones who have weathered every miseries – those that were broken, with bits and parts missing – because these pieces were given out to another. You’ll see, someone would try to fix it, fill in the missing parts –

and though they may not fit right, sometimes they would still be the perfect match.

Do not rush. Do not settle. Live life. Love freely. And be happy.

— a Facebook post I did 6 years ago… Apparently, it still is very useful.

#Love #Happiness #Pain

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