Food Frenzy

I woke up this morning from the sound of the campaign jingle of one of the party lists vying for a seat in Congress. It’s weird when you realize that, well, it’s the election season again. As early as now, my timeline is already flooded with people being vocal about their political bets – defending their candidates, as if shoving into everyone’s faces why this aspirant is better than this and all that shit.

But no I will spare you, my beloved Dayre, of all those hullabaloo.

I will instead, talk about two restaurants I have recently visited. They have already been around for quite some time now because I’m really not fond of Mexican food and Expensive foodcourts…

Oh well, there’s always a first time.


Agave Mexican Cantina is located in Bonifacio High Street just beside the huge Nike store in BGC. It has a chill vibe especially during nighttime when it’s usually swarming with patrons. I honestly thought it was just your usual bar that serve drinks and pica pica. I didn’t know they actually serve food; and by food I mean breakfast lunch dinner (well not breakfast).

#Dayrefatties #Foodie #foodph #Pinoyfood #Philippines

I went with my soon-to-be-married friends (remember the one I accompanied for her bridal gown fitting).. So these are our food:

Agave Taco Salad – crisp greens topped with pico de gallo, black beans, corn, Mexican cheese, sour cream and our choice of topping (shrimps). This one is served in a tortilla bowl (yes, edible) with honey-vinaigrette dressing.

Since I am not a fan of salads, I only tried the tortilla bowl but my friends insisted that I have a taste of what’s inside. It was surprisingly good. The bride is on a diet that’s why she ordered it, but it was really heavy on the stomach.

I had a combo meal – two chicken quesadillas, two shrimp rellenos served with my choice of salsa (specifically asked not to make it spicy) and comes with Mexican red rice and beans. This was also good except for the beans – which I only tasted a small amount of.

Overall, I’d rate Agave a four


Hole In The Wall

Hole in the Wall is a high-end foodcourt located in Century City Mall, Makati. I said high end coz the prices are extremely high for a foodcourt lol. But well, the restaurants look posh so I guess they have the right to charge higher.

They have a number of stalls there – from create your own cookies, to beers, salads, desserts – name it, they have it. It has been a favorite of the yuppies and high society teens and adults and of course the social climbers (ehem).

We tried the Bad Bird, famous for its “umami-licious” fried chicken. Since it was our first time here, we asked for the best seller.

The staff was quick to point out that it was the dirty rice plate – consisting of 2 substantial cuts of fried chicken, fried rice with bacon, chicken liver (eew), tamago bonito flakes and kimchi.

By substantial, they meant two huge chunks and yes these were actually good for two people! It was too late for us to realize that we can order ala carte, ugh. Nevertheless, it was still worth it.

Even for just the chicken skin, I’m giving this a five.


Good thing they serve water – even if it was a foodcourt, staff will come to you and refill your glass of water. Makes sense that they put a service charge in the bill. I’d love to go back there and try the other stalls.

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