hello… it’s me.

Now, now. Let’s make this all about me.

The moment I saw the video of a man, calling those who engage in same sex relationships as worse than animals, I was sure that this won’t be taken lightly by everyone. I posted something about humans being animals as well, and criticizing this person because he clearly wasn’t using his brain. My mom immediately told me to delete it and not meddle with this issue because I don’t know what I’m putting myself into.

I did as I was told, but something inside of me still stung. I spent the whole day liking and sharing articles that aired the sentiments of the LGBT community, hoping that it would somehow make the uneasiness disappear. But guess what, it still did not feel right. I wanted to say something. But I did not know what, or how.

Maybe I’ll start with saying that I never really liked the person as a politician. I have a feeling that he only won because of his stature as an athlete.

I do not question that – his impressive record as an athlete and the pride he has brought to the country – no, no one (at least for now) could top that. Neither do I question his faith, nor his kind heart – he has been an inspiration to a lot of Filipinos; and has given a lot to the needy.

It is no secret how his performance as a Congressman was, and that’s why there was nary a chance I’d vote for this person (even before his now infamous interview). What more (or less) could he do if he becomes a Senator? I am not really rooting for him. I did not even know his stand about same sex marriage until this interview; and when it came out, I was absolutely aghast. How could he? Did he even think before saying those demeaning words?

To say that we are lower than animals is not appropriate for someone who runs for public office. That was tantamount to saying – I’m for a non-inclusive society, if you are gay, lesbian, transgender or bisexual- you shall not have the same rights as everyone else. If someone tells me that, do you think I would not defend myself?

But you know what? I half expected people like him to not understand.

What’s puzzling for me is how people reacted to this issue. I see my friends – most of whom cry foul over these statements. But then, there still are some, who say otherwise. It felt like these people, who would probably smile or hug you when you see them, would be willing to just shut you out like that because you stood up and said you don’t want to be treated or called as “worse than animals”. They would gladly put you out of their lives because “this is not what Religion teaches us…

this is not what IS and what SHOULD be, you always have a choice, blah blah, yada yada, talk shit.”

Yes, I can choose what I want to be in life. I’m lucky I’m doing what I love and so far, I still have no regrets on being happy and gay.

It’s no longer about the politician and his words anymore. It’s about me – your son, your brother, your friend, your frenemy, your colleague, your classmate, your playmate – and the many others who have been ridiculed and demeaned.

But sadly, I am only one. I do not speak for the whole LGBT community, I could not even tell what they all had to go through.

One thing is for sure – I was hurt. I would think that we all are.

And I’m raising my voice because I do not want anyone else to feel that way.

#MannyPacquiao #Gay #StopTheHate #LoveWins #OutandProud #stophomophobia

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