monday funday

I took the day off from work because I felt that I need to rest after our weekend escape; and also, I felt the need to do some personal stuff as well. February is just a short month, even with the additional day, so I have to cram my days with these “errands”.

First off was to visit the dentist. I don’t know about you but I used to like going to the dentist to have my teeth cleaned. They would always say how nice my teeth were, and that they were well taken care of.

Until I started working…

Truth be told, when you work as an accountant, you would rarely have free days. And then there are other things that come to your life as you grow older- opportunities to travel (using your own money of course); watch movies, hangout with friends…. And the list never ends. Needless to say, I put my dental appointments on hold. So when I finally got the chance a couple of years ago, I was told that I might be having gum problems and that there was an impacted tooth.
Fast forward to today…

My dentist congratulated me for being able to get rid of the gum problem (which you can really solve on your own through flossing and of course, brushing); but I still need to have those impacted teeth removed.

I just have a couple of reservations for this procedure:
1) the pain
2) the cost

Maybe someday. Must be this year.

But yey, I felt like a kid who got a star from his teacher.

Second: I went to my network provider to get my new phone. If you recontract, you have the privilege of getting a new phone according to your needs/budget.

I don’t really need a new phone, I’m just selling it to someone else (at a lower price as compared to the Market).

So yeah- this is an inflow for me! Yey!!!

Ill-fated Dinner

Since I was on leave, I planned a dinner with two of my friends from the 26th floor (we’re from the 23rd, btw). And it was like a stream of bad luck has just been handed onto us.. This is what happened:

1) we were supposed to go by 6:30pm. Friend no. 1 (Ina) arrived late this morning so she had to extend.

2) we booked a grabcar who could not move his car because of the sick 6:30 pm traffic

3) he cancelled but he ended up driving for us (i have no clue why)

4) did I mention the traffic? Apparently, one side of the road was closed, so yesh, it’s carmageddon

5) we arrived at UNIT 27 just to find out that it was closed

6) we went to the nearby Fort Strip, but there was nothing exciting there. There were some, but they already have branches in Makati, we wanted to try something new

7) we ended up at Earth Kitchen – an organic restaurant. But most of the items were not available so we had to make do with the remaining available ones on the menu.

They also sell farm products to help the farmers that they support

The interiors – so green, and uhm, yeah – organic lol

Prawn spring rolls

Shrimp Arugula pasta (oil based) #dayrefatties

My shrimp arugula pasta which was so yummy!!!! Notice that Friend no. 2 -Elang’s food and mine. They are actually the same lol, they just used fettuccini on hers.

Well? Verdict is 3


I must go back to try the other items on the menuz

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