LOVE-ly Day

Hello Dayre!!!!

Happy Valentine’s day!!!!

I just got back from a very tiring weekend (which I will talk about soon). In the meantime, I’d leave you with this:

My freshly baked face (sun-baked, actually). Plus, my whole back is burnt like hell. I will explain soon, don’t worry.

Just checking in to greet everyone a #HappyValentinesDay and I hope all of you are enjoying your #Valentine dates!!!!

How Bad Could It Be?

Okay. I swear I did not want to write about this, but I just has to let it all out. I did not want my entire world (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to know, hence, I turn to you.. My silent, super sweet ally, and let you know how bad today could be for a single (not really looking for anyone) guy like me

Be it known that I don’t, and I will never, judge anyone who undyingly professes his/her love on V Day. I mean, it’s that one time of the year that you should celebrate with your special someone.

I also want to say that I AM NOT COMPLAINING; although it may seem like I am, but no, I’m really not. For eight years (and counting), this has been my life. And luckily, I found fellow single friends who also wanted to escape the hustling and bustling City V Day madness. Unfortunately, we all had to go back on the day itself because those two have work tomorrow. I took the day off to rest.

Anyway, going back… How bad could it be, again, really?

Problem Number 1:

Where to eat? So every restaurant is fully booked. Maybe there are a few posh ones, but if you go there alone and be asked unmercifully:

“Table for how many?”

Or should they be fully aware

“Table for one?”

– see this is where it gets really tricky. How do you answer this without being judged? How do you tell them that you just want to have a nice dinner, without really telling them? How do you, take photos of the food you are about to eat, hoping to post in Dayre later?

Without looking like some crazy loser? Howwwwwww????

Or how do you avoid the looks from all those couples, who, for some reason tend to look around and check who’s also dining at the same place?

I was left with no choice but to go to the good old fastfood places – but lo and behold… Couples and families are also there – almost maximum capacity at the McDonalds in our condo.

My next option was the turo-turo… And believe it or not, I wasn’t spared. Hahah..

The place, as cheap as it was, was also packed with couples (this time, I saw a gay couple too!). Luckily, there was a vacant spot in the corner.. So I just sat there and ordered. #Fml

Problem No. 2:

There are a few good movies still showing this week: Deadpool, Spotlight, Pride and Prejudice Zombies, (still haven’t seen) Revenant, and a couple of Pinoy rom-coms.. Thought it was a good day to watch a movie!!

But lo and behold, all the best seats were already taken. Yes, even the two rom-coms.
So yeah. I guess, seeing a movie is another bad idea. Haha.

Problem no. 3

Checks social media account – finds out everyone is having a date. Or maybe half of the people on my friends list. The other half?
They’re all spreading bitterness and sulking because maybe, this just reminds them that they are alone.

I was actually making a joke about the season, and even posted a photo wearing a crown with this caption:

Aanhin ko Ang Valentine’s kung asa akin na ang korona

Roughly translates to:

“what would I do / IDGAF with Valentine’s when I already have the crown”

THIS was the photo I posted yesterday morning which (mind you) has 200+likes and counting. (Or Maybe everyone’s just at home yesterday saving up for Vday today, lol)

So do I join the bitter clique? Or do I revel in the restaurant photo floods on Facebook?

I chose to take the higher road, and “like” and “comment” and enjoy watching my friends feeling loved and being in love. After all, I’d rather see those things than the political drama that is the Philippine election.

Plus, I get pointers on where to eat the next time I want to splurge. Lol. And also, should I want to “rant”, I know that my Dayre would be there for me haha!

So again, I don’t hate this day. Not at all. My Love Mission (which I promised to write about but still haven’t had time to do it), was born on this day as well.

I do love Valentine’s. It’s just that you would really find it hard to enjoy doing things you normally do by yourself on a day like today. Haha.

And that’s my VDay soliloquy. If you’ve reached this point, thank you. And I do hope that you will be happy in another year filled with LOVE.. And If you haven’t found him yet, don’t fret.

I believe that all of us are meant to be with someone, and Im one with you in wishing for that person to come. Again, Happy Heart’s Day to everyone!!!!!

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