FOOD : Bistro Ravioli

Friday!!!! Are you excited for the Valentine weekend?

Well I am! Not because I have a date, but because I’m going on another weekend escape (which hopefully, I could Dayre about in real time). But before that, I’m gonna share some stuff!

How to be Single

Last night, we watched #HowToBeSingle and it was freakin amazing!!! It was light, funny and very relatable (well, because I’m single). For me, it doesn’t try that hard to please the audience, although I’ve read some reviews that it does.

It’s a must see, bring your girlfriends and sisters along! I wouldn’t talk much about the movie, so as not to spoil it for anyone who has not yet watched. But yeah, it’s not a waste of money haha.

I’d give it an almost perfect score



Pasta Lunch

Currently having lunch at Bistro Ravioli in Glorietta (one of the malls in Makati) with these girls:

Karen, Myself and Kat

Seafood Pasta in Olive Oil

Pepper Pesto Squid

#Dayrefatties #FoodPh

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