Post CNY Chinese dinner + New Coffee Place

Pretty awesome day today. Work was not that bad anymore, we are entering our “non peak” days, yipee.. Our boss transferred some of my tasks to another teammate – which is great, because he should be doing it anyway. My daily walks aren’t that bad, but my friend was having back problems so I don’t know if I should lessen the walking or not; although I think my body is already accustomed to it.

For the first time in days, I have a full tummy (thank God for payday)!

Aki and I went to Waiying (probably my most mentioned restaurant in Dayre, lol) for our post CNY for non-CNY observing people haha. Honestly we just craved for some dimsum 😁

As usual, Wai Ying did not disappoint.

The hakaw and siomai, our Wai Ying must haves, a visit here wouldn’t be complete without them. We also ordered bola bola (meatballs) congee and asado siopao – no photos #Dayrefatties , as the food was served late and we were so hungry lol.

Decided to just take a video of the place, instead of a panorama shot. πŸ˜†

After dinner, we went to this “INSTAGRAM WORTHY” coffee shop in the same building (EGI Taft Tower, Manila). We just wanted to check the place out but we ended up ordering some milkshakes.

The place is called Cafe Laya (no idea why, but Laya in Tagalog means “Free”).

The place is a bit small, But it had the artsy feel. The walls are white, decorated with black cardboard cutouts of birds in flight – flying towards a Philippine map. The map is bordered by photos of the famous landmarks/tourist destinations in the country.

There’s also a part where photos of Philippine mountains and other destinations (not frequently visited by tourists) are displayed.

They also have a mezzanine floor to accommodate more customers. The photos here are more “artsy”; the other side is decorated by artworks (made by customers, I presume). They have art materials and blank papers where you can create any artform and they will hang it on their walls for a limited period of time – I’m not just sure if they will use all or they would only select a few for display.

They serve coffee, milkshakes, pastas and I guess some rice meals. I did not pay much attention to the menu coz I saw that they were also selling Artisan products, including the Theo and Philo chocolates – which are really delicious!!! I bought them as Christmas gift to some friends a couple of years ago.

Anyway, we went here for the #Food so….

We were supposed to buy dessert – like a slice of cake or a piece of cupcake; But I had a feeling that I should go and get the milkshake – so I ordered this: Mango Graham Milkshake, priced at P185. I initially thought that this is just a simple, easy to consume drink. But no, I was so wrong. It was so big, I was only able to finish half of it.

It is one huge cup of ultimate sweetness. It was great tasting, but I feel that you should go get this if you are very hungry. I do have a feeling that all their milkshakes are this big. But nevertheless, it was still good. Overall, I would give it a:

πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹ (3/5)

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