Anniversary of the day I made it to Buzzfeed

Last year, I woke up to a message from a friend in the US telling me that I made it to Buzzfeed. I was dumbfounded and shocked, initially thinking about my “Love Mission”, that someone from the other side of the world took notice.

So, without hesitation, I asked him for the link. To my surprise, it brought me to an article entitled:

28 Filipino Celebrities Who Should Be Your Valentine

And I immediately thought:

You’ve got to be kidding me. There is no way I’d make it to the list of the hottest men in the country; I am not even a celebrity. My only claim to fame was the magazine shoot for our company (at the very least I could say I appeared in an international publication).

So I asked US friend, what the hell? Is this a joke?

To which he replied, go and browse the article you dimwit.

And I did.

And then, upon reaching number 11, there it was….

My photo, fangirling (or fangaying or fanboying or whatever you wanna call it) with one of these men…

I could not explain how it felt, not because my inner famewhore screamed “Exposure!!!”; but because I looked like a freaking personal assistant or well, yeah, a die hard fan.

Of all the photos of this fcking person, why on earth did they choose that one? Why, of all people, would I be accidentally included in a photo of a celebrity in the list of hottest Valentine’s dates in the country??Why did it happen? Oh, Lord. This is not how I wanted my grand entrance to the world of showbusiness to be!

And then, it all went downhill from there. A friend from Saudi posted a screenshot on my wall saying how proud he was of me, another one shared the link on his wall.. It was all over my friends’ Facebook accounts haha!

After the initial shock, I realized that some Buzzfeed articles don’t really become that memorable. People will only talk about it for some time, and they won’t even give a fck about that guy whose hand is in the shoulder of Lucky. I hoped that they’d think of me as his friend.

I just prayed that no one would bash me, or if ever they did, I hope that I wouldn’t see it. So, I dismissed all thoughts about the article and forgot all about it.

Until today…

Another friend of mine, who works in a magazine, sent me a message that I’m part of the list.

I was like, wtf? What on earth is this again?

And he sent me the link that directed me to the same article. Apparently, someone decided to share it again and it reached their creative director who was laughing because:

1) Most people who are on the list are only Half Filipinos

2) Some are not even Filipinos at all


3) They could’ve used better photos

And that’s where he saw my now infamous “fan” shot. I just shrugged it off now, knowing that well, this will forever stay on the Internet. I’ll just won’t give a fck if ever someone asks “Who’s that guy?”

And oh, if in case you wanna view the rest of these hot specimen, here’s the link that’ll take you to it:

Just don’t leave mean comments about the fan in the photo, please..

I did check earlier, and fortunately, no one has noticed me yet – and I’m praying no one else will hhahahaha!!!

Or maybe if they did notice, they should’ve added me to the list lol. I’ll even give them shirtless photos (back when I had abs of course).

#Fml #Valentines

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