Greetings + Movie

Happy CNY to my friends who are celebrating the welcoming of the Lunar New Year!!!! Here in the Philippines, there are a couple of greetings that I see : Gong Xi Fa Cai and Kung Hei Fat Choi (sometimes Kung Hei Huat Tsai); so I’m not really sure how to greet you guys. I guess the good old Happy CNY will do haha!!

Let it be known that I am one with you in praying for a prosperous year ahead!

Now, I’m supposed to go back to the metro tomorrow since I’m on a financial drought the past few days.

However, I got so bored at home and decided to just get back here today. It turned out to be a bad idea coz I found myself more bored than I was back home (at least there’s a decent TV, unlike here where the condo’s only TV has not been functioning for the longest time).

And since I am on a tight budget, I could not afford a trip to the mall because I’m afraid that I’d be tempted to shop (again)… Or I might just feel bad for myself since I’m on a tight budget..

The only thing I could easily avail of, without going beyond my expenses – and maybe because I have allotted money for this (please, do not question my priorities, lol) is a movie.

I had two options: The Revenant or Dirty Grandpa.

Shall I stay for more than two hours and admire Iñarittu’s masterpiece, Leo’s Oscar nominated performance and an uglified Tom Hardy?

Or shall I ogle at Zac Efron’s glorious body?

Of course I chose the one that was more “virtually stimulating” for me. Hahaha. Believe me, I wanted to watch the Revenant, but I felt that it’s the one that would have an extended run over Efron’s Dirty Grandpa.. Haha.

What was the movie all about then? What’s so special about it?

Aside from Zac’s nakedness being paraded all throughout the film, it also stars Robert De Niro (who’s also an Oscar winner, Leo hasn’t won any lol) as his grandfather. His wife just died and he wanted to…

Fck a college girl. Lol.

Well not really, he wanted to live the rest of his days on his terms, while teaching his grandson how to live a life. It was a beautiful story, but it felt like I’ve already seen it before. It has an overly used plot – about a young person living a successful but unhappy life and an old man who’s giving the young guy a glimpse of what it’d be like if he doesn’t follow his dreams.

Nevertheless, De Niro was still a good actor. And so was Efron.

If I were to rate this movie (based on my movie meter), I’d give it a 5/7 but I’ll add an additional point for gender sensitivity haha. Plus, Zac’s bulges are everywhere.

🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬 + 🎬

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