FOOD : Circles Event Cafe

Hello, Dayre. Meet my friends

Now I feel obliged to document our gluttonous dinner last night. But before that, I would just like to introduce my dear friends to the Dayre community, maybe to put faces behind the friend numbers I ranted about yesterday.

So from Left to Right:

friend no. 2 – the one from Bulacan, he arrived a few minutes past 7 with

Friend no. 1 – she’s from Valenzuela and was also late


Friend no. 4 – the one from Makati, and was surprisingly 30minutes late yesterday and

Friend no. 3 – the one from Marikina, who arrived on time!!! Hahahah!

When the latecomers arrived, I was already in a good mood because of all the good food. Lol.

High school friend / Mother of one of my godchildren was also there, to celebrate her birthday as well.

Since Geli (friend no.3) and I were both early, we had time for photo ops in the hotel’s lobby. Oops, I forgot to mention that we had the buffet dinner at Circles Event Cafe at Makati Shang-ri La.

Meet the Food

I couldn’t tell you how great the food was, but let me just say that I maximized my time in the buffet. I was there from 6pm to almost 10pm(closing time); and I left with a very satisfied tummy. I did take lots of food photos, and this might look like me humblebragging, but I just wanted to document and share the experience.

#Dayrefatties #Foodie #pinoyfood #Foodph

My first plate : I was advised by Geli not to go heavy all at once – which, by the way, was what I used to do in buffets. So I initially got baked mac, some steamed veggies, a piece of tuna and a slice of pizza.

Prime Rib Steak – well done, although it’s best eaten medium rare (according to Geli again); I still wasn’t ready to munch on reddish (bloody) meat. Lol. Rea (friend no. 4) had it medium rare and she said it also tasted good.

This was really, really good. But I was afraid to finish two huge slabs – that’s what the chef regularly gives you; so I only ate one.

The pasta station – where you can ask the chef to create a dish of your choice (choose the pasta, ingredients and sauce).

Truffle oil pasta was highly recommended by food bloggers, and it’s a good thing we were early coz there’s no queue. I had truffle oil pasta – angel hair + garlic + mushroom + shrimp – in white sauce.

I’m telling you, this was divine!!!!!! πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Garlic Buttered Shrimps – soooo huge 😍😍

Salad – Geli and I had this for sharing. The chef has already prepared Caesar salad, and we only added chicken strips (for her) and heavenly salmon (for me). Best salmon I’ve ever tasted!

Rea already enjoying some dessert (will go there later)

Grilled Kebab, more meat, some Hungarian sausages and grilled squid – I only tried the squid coz I was focused on the shrimp. Lol

More shrimp + some mussels (honestly, I don’t know the difference between mussels and oysters as I don’t really eat those things)

Baked Tahong (i used the tagalog word coz I really don’t know the difference between those two lol)

Aki (friend no. 2)’s dessert plate!

My #Dessert plate part 1

My #Dessert plate part 2

And they sang for me!!!! And gave me a birthday cake!!!! #Happiness

My third birthday cake #birthday #Cake

The Gang.

So you see, I’m such a kind person. I did not let my sensitivity affect this dinner, it took a lot of patience and understanding but yeah, some great food to ease whatever I was feeling earlier hahah.

I should say it was worth it. Really worth it!!!

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