FOOD : Sweet Ecstasy X El Chupacabra

Staying in the city this weekend… Coz:

1) i have to partially starve myself for my grand dinner/celebration tomorrow

2) if I go home, I’d eat and eat and feel bloated and won’t enjoy tomorrow’s buffet

3) need to save money coz failing to pay your obligations on time would fck up your budget when you need to pay them haha

4) I’d just wallow in the condo and I won’t go out coz it’ll just cost me $$$

Luckily… A friend invited me for lunch at her condo!!!!

Where my friend lives lol. It’s just a few minutes walk from my place, and yep, it’s one of the new buildings in Makati. These condos are just popping out everywhere, hahah.

She prepared Korean lunch for me! Everything’s so spicy!

Spicy noodles! Ugh @calvinjunichiro look im sweating all over because of this!

Kimchi rice #Dayrefatties all home cooked!

Fried egg

And Bacon! Hahah! The last two are not so Korean at all, but all went well with the others.

Catching Up

And of course we gossiped, talked about life, plans, friends everything under the sun. Good thing there was also another friend/officemate (Nina) who lives in the same condo, so we spent hours catching up on a lot of things. Funny how we have not seen each other for quite a long time and we end up talking and giggling just like old days.

Nina treated us for dinner at this new burger joint along Jupiter St. in Makati; and surprisingly there are lots of new restos in this street!

The place is a bit small, they only have plastic chairs and tables and it’s an open air hole in the wall type of burger joint.

Menu – we had Cheeseburger

Patty was great, it’s priced at P195 – which is not bad at all!

My verdict:


And then, we had a round of drinks at El Chupacabra, a Mexican Street Taco/Beer place. I’ve been there a couple of times before and the only bad thing I could say about the place is that it gets really, really packed, therefore, it gets really, really hot. Nevertheless, they have cheap street tacos and barbecues and beers!

How the place looks from the inside. The crowd is usually backpackers and yuppies, but occasionally, you can also encounter A listers and celebrities. It’s a mix of foreign and local patrons, but the atmosphere is very lively!

Our poisons of choice lol

And of course, the tacos.

Chupacabra is nice, except for the heat and noise. But I guess, it’s part of what makes it marketable – it doesn’t really cater to a specific class, it’s an everybody is welcome place. Therefore, I’m giving it a


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