The most beautiful day in the Philippines

It’s Pia Wurtzbach’s grand homecoming!!! I was so psyched, I was checking Twitter every now and then for updates – I know the ticker tape parade will pass through Ayala Avenue; I can just go down from the office and watch her up close!!!

Originally, Ayala was supposed to be closed at 3:30pm to give way to the parade. I don’t know what happened but it was already 4:30 and we can still see cars along the street. So, the good old Filipino time strikes again.

We usually get busy during 5pm, but this is something that we would not dare miss. So, together with my boss and teammates and other officemates, we went to the streets to wait for the parade.

We were standing in the middle of Ayala at around 4:30pm, something that you CAN NEVER DO on a regular day (note that this is a very busy street, right in the middle of the Makati’s Central Business District). We even climbed over a fence just to get a good view.

Hello from the other side..

Ayala was not yet crowded at the time, but people are starting to gather and yes, almost wants to see the Queen; especially gays! The atmosphere was so festive, the weather cooperated – it’s not sunny; as a matter of fact it felt like it was about to rain.

It’s a rare event, I just had to remember it with a jump shot. Lol.

After almost an hour of waiting / standing in the middle of the street; she came. Fronted by dancers in colorful costumes and drum and bugle playing policemen; the crown shaped float came and there she was – our queen.. We were almost in tears, we all felt like she really deserved this. She brings hope and positivity, she exudes an air of kindness, you just can’t help but smile and be proud when you see her.

I’m really not excited that this is happening. Really. Not. Hahahah.

Our queen…. πŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

Sorry, blurred. I just screen grabbed this from the video I took; which, unfortunately, was taking forever to upload. So I’ll just post these.

We are all so proud of her! #MissUniverse #PiaWurtzbach #Philippines

A majestic rainbow even appeared to welcome the Miss Universe. I heard it was a double rainbow, but I didn’t see the other haha.

The other homecoming

As if this Miss Universe high wasn’t enough to brighten up the day; my teammates gave me a surprise welcome (remember, I was on a two day leave + weekend).

This welcomed me to the office earlier

I knew there would be something, even though I kind of hinted that I wanted it to be simple. Still, this was much appreciated.

I actually thought that was it. But after lunch, our youngest team members have gone missing. I initially thought they were already lining up for the parade.. But when they came back at around 4, I had an inkling that they’re planning something.

And true enough, after watching the parade – they surprised me with three roses, a cake and my very own

Crowning moment!!!! Hahaha!

My sweet and thoughtful teammates!

The cake 😍😍😍😁 #Dayrefatties
#dessert #Foodph #Pinoyfood

It’s custard and I have no idea what else, but it really tastes great!!

They also gave me a present!!

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