To Pakil, Laguna

Okay.. Day has been pretty tiring and it’s only 2:54 pm.

I woke up at 6am and left the house at 7; because I had to attend the Christening of (yet, again) another godchild. It’s in Laguna, a good 90+ kilometers away from home. Travel time should be at least two hours, or at least I expected it to be that fast. We were supposed to be in the church by 9am; so I figured my time allotted for travel was just enough.

But no.

I forgot to take into account the modes of transportation that I’d use.

If I drive my own car, it’ll just take me 2hrs (as per google). But since I was commuting, I should’ve also accounted for the “waiting time” – buses and vans that go to the area needed to be “full” prior to leaving the terminals.

So I got into Calamba, Laguna at around 8:45 am. But travel time from Calamba to Pakil is approximately one hour – no traffic. Laguna, however, could also have Manila-like traffic at times because of the narrow roads.

A map for you reference. I was already freaking out and calling friends who went there last night (coz they were also afraid of not being able to make it on time). Luckily, the 8:30 am Holy Mass would need to be finished first before the priest administers the Baptism rites. And also, prior to that, there would still be a few minutes talk for the godparents.

So, 8:30 plus 1.5hrs plus maybe 30 mins more for the talk = 10:30am? I’d still be able to make it!

Last time, we went there late at night so we got there quickly. Unfortunately, today was church day for Catholics so most roads had slow moving traffic. Basically, all those towns that I needed to pass through had a church. 😭😭😭😭

And to make matters worse, I got off at the wrong place. It added another 30 minutes to my travel time. My friend was already texting me every 15 minutes, asking where I was.

I arrived in the Church a few minutes past 11am – just in time…

For the pictorial. Lol.

But in any case, I’m still proud of myself for going there. At least my goddaughter knows that I’d be that godparent who would literally go the extra mile to be with her; lol.

The Saint Peter of Alcantara Parish Church in Pakil, Laguna.

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