Thirty First

The Day

It’s my freaking birthday!!!!! Seriously, I should be jumping up and down as I have reached this milestone haha! Three decades, one year and counting… Some people tell me that this is the last year my age is gonna appear in our calendar (is it Gregorian, I forgot.. Too lazy too Google).

What do you know, I was given an extra day to be 31 this year (leap year haha).

If you ask me how I went through this day, how I celebrated it… I’d tell you this is one of the best birthdays I had.


Since my birthday fell on a Thursday, I saw it as an opportunity to file for a couple of leaves so I can have a personal “Long Weekend”. For the past years, I had a “birthday salubong” – something that me and my friends do to welcome our birthdays. We would go out on the bday eve, have some drinks or whatever, wait till midnight and greet the celebrant.

So it’s been the “tradition” since I worked at D Bank; but now, I decided not to do that. Instead, I went home early…

And I spent the rest of the night playing Quiz Up.

For some reason, I did not want any flamboyant and exuberant welcome and celebration. It might be a sign of aging, but I guess I came to a point where beers, cakes and flowers are already too much for me (yes, I received those things on past birthdays).

And then today, I was supposed to hear mass but my laziness got the best of me and I stayed in bed beyond 6am (time of the morning mass).

And when I had the energy to move, I took a shower, got dressed and left the city for some quiet time back at home (in the province). I also deleted my birthday info from my social media accounts, in an attempt to escape the barrage of birthday greetings on my Facebook wall; I should’ve restricted wall posting as well as it kind of failed because my Middle East-based brother posted a lovey birthday greeting early this afternoon. Oh well. At least it’s not on everyone’s notifications.

Back home.. I was greeted by my grandmother, my grandaunts and granduncles, and older cousins who were here. Bear in mind that my mom is at work, my other siblings at school. I practically was with the older people, and I find it appropriate for my chillout birthday haha. Grandmom, or Nanay as I call her, cooked pancit – for longer life!

My sister was also home, thought she left early haha. She took this photo😋

After that, I watched a couple of Survivor South Pacific episodes, had lunch, and then went to bed. When I woke up from my nap, my brother was already home and he was cooking spaghetti (again, noodles/pasta for longer life, lol). I went back to the TV and watched Mr. Robot next. After two episodes, I went back to bed and just tinkered on my phone.

Mom and the other siblings came home at past 5pm, and everyone was in a hungry celebratory mood. So we ate the pasta, and then they told me we’ll be fetching my sister from school later tonight. I requested for a birthday cake, hahah.

But in all honesty, this relaxing birthday is turning out to be great. I feel re-energized, without any pressure to spend much; or think about work (hopefully nothing bad happened there, though).

Other Celebrations

Haha! So out of boredom, I went to Google to find our what else is happening today.

Wikipedia’s birthday as well!

Also a National Hugging Day in the US.

Plus, it’s also the birthday of Baby Spice, Emma Bunton. And the feastday of St. Agnes. Quite a lot of things to be thankful
For, right?

I love that my birthday is associated with hugging, coz that’s one of the things I use to express my love for another person haha. Like this one:

He’s a Filipino actor hahah.

My Cake

It’s just a simple one, but you know it’s special coz it came from my family. And they went out in the middle of the night just to buy this 🙂

Grandmom, me, and my brother (next to me).

And a sweet, happy smile to end the day.

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