Me and the Art of Grabbing (R18)


Flirty Grab

In other news, let me tell you a story about my GrabCar ride last night. This is strictly for ADULTS and Open minded people only, lol.


So after dinner, my friend asked me to accompany her to the Car wash. Therefore, I went home very, very late – around 1:30am? I did not want to take a cab because I had a feeling that Grabcars or Ubers are a lot safer. My friend lives in Padre Faura, Manila – the place is somewhat dark and scary. Luckily, I was able to book a car and he was just a few

meters away.

When he came, I sat in front – passenger seat- coz I always do that if I’m riding a cab/car service alone. There are a lot of scary stories about passengers being robbed by taxi drivers so at the very least, I would like to know what the driver is doing. So anyway, upon getting in, I noticed that the driver looks young and had a nice body (or blame it on the ice cream). I couldn’t help but say, “you’re so cute!”, to which he replied “marami na po nagsabi (a lot of peole said so)

Then we talked about the Grabcar business, and I found out that he owned the car (a small Suzuki one, not good in car models okay); and I also managed to get his name and Facebook. I had his number (from the app); I don’t know what came into me but I asked him what he does when he’s not driving the Grabcar. He said, he just stays at home. And here’s what happened next (non verbatim):

Me: oh, so if you’re free I can still Grab (referring to the car service)

him: Yeah. Sure

Realizing that I asked a question that had a double meaning….

I asked again.

Me: so i can grab?

Him: pwede naman (I guess so)

Me: right now?

Him: sure

So I grabbed And the rest is historyyyyyyyyyy. Gah.

I’m such a flirt. But I realized I still have it in me. Kids, do not try it.. Do NOT even dare if you are not sure!!!
I was just freaking lucky and this guy was, well, game? Hahah. It’s fun to be dangerous sometimes. Hahaha!


The Butt Grab

Since we’re talking about “Grabbing”, allow me to share some more – again, you may opt to stop reading at this point; this is just me, reminiscing my early years of playing the game of flirting, lol.

This is Dayre After Dark lol!

I consider myself a touchy person. I love giving hugs, and high fives, and whenever I’m laughing hard, I sometimes hit whoever is beside me (but I’m guessing this is normal, lol). So anyway, back in high school, I was that soft, frail, unsure teen.

Boys, especially the upper class men, used to bully (note that I did not even consider it bullying, but just a way to tease me) me by touching my behind. I would then scream like a girl and just walk away.

Fast forward to university years, when I lived in a dormitory (full of boys). Again, the same thing happened. But I later realized that I had to fight back, that okay, they’re finding this fun, so why not try it too?

After that, everytime someone grabs my buttocks, I do the same to them.

So apparently, I found it amusing (still in a non sexual manner) to be able to grab someone else’s derriΓ¨re and perhaps compare the sizes of each – I even read about the shapes – apple shaped, pear shaped, etc.

It soon became normal to me, greeting my guy dormmates by grabbing their buttocks. Funny that they didn’t seem to mind at all. Sometimes I would give them butt massages, I even had this butt song called the watermelon! Haha! Those were the good old college days!

I only “graduated” in the butt grabbing when I had my first πŸ”žπŸ”žπŸ”ž experience. That was when I realized that, oh, what I’ve been doing might have meant something to those guys. Did I not tell you that I touch every guy’s behind in the dorm? I made no exception. I was that friendly. Lol.

So, yeah, maybe that was the start?

The Drunk Grab


Again this is something that I don’t really advise anyone to do, but, well.. Just for the heck of it, I’m sharing these happy memories with you.

Me and my gay friends, we used to go clubbing every Friday; usually after a stressful week in the office. Unfortunately, every week used to be so stressful that we just find ourselves going to these bars even if we were “half hearted” in doing another all nighter.

So the bars that we go to are also frequented by people like us; everyone’s just

either up for some fun night with friends, or up for some fun night with someone new they’d meet. In all honesty, I am more of the former than of the latter. However, based on all my friends’ stories – I, after downing two to three bottles of Red Horse beer, would go around the club, search for guys my type; and once I zoomed in on a target, would go over there flirt and unabashedly grab his precious jewels!!!

No more butt grabbing, I went straight there. Hahaha!

Luckily, for me, no one got mad or tried to hit me or something. Maybe I looked to sweet or maybe they were afraid of my towering friends hahah. Or maybe I was doing a good job of being a drunkass.

Oh. By the way, even if I did those things, I’m proud to say that I went to the bar with friends and left there with them as well. I haven’t tried getting so mad drunk and waking up in someone else’s bed. No, that’s clearly a no-no for me. Thank God for my friends hahaha!

Some of my victims

White Party, Malate

British Guy in Boracay (he’s gay, and dances so fiercely)

Club employee – yes, when I’m drunk, there’s no one to spare lol!

The Ava Moves

Meet Ava, my transgender bff. She’s now based in Singapore and I really, really miss her. She was my partner in crime, and introduced me in the art of the Ava Moves. Lol!

It’s a secret, a trade secret. But she made it possible for me to be able to grab straight guys lol! I learned a lot from this babe!

We also have the “birthday technique”, okay, this one I’m willing to share. So we go out to parties and if one eyes someone of his/her type; we employ the “birthday”. What is it?

One of us talks to the target and tells him that it’s the other person’s birthday! I want you to greet him/her, can you kiss him/her for me? Please? Pretty pretty please?

I tell you, this works. EVERY TIME. We went to Tanjong Pagar, and boy, were we sooooooo happy haha!!

American guys partying in SG haha

And some friendly peeps! Look who’s hugging who πŸ˜†πŸ˜„

Well, another Ava Move I’d like to share with you is the “Baliwag Bulacan”; hope this is not her secret but well… This one has worked a lot of times already; plus it’s a positive way of attracting someone.

What do you do if you notice someone trying to make eye contact in a bar? You don’t jump on him immediately, you predatory you. You employ the Baliwag Bulacan technique. Okay, Baliwag is a place in the Philippines, but it is in no way related to this Ava Move. When one of us says it,

that means, some cute guy is looking at us. We, then, fake laugh or smile – the kind that you do when you talk about something funny. Of course, you have to act as if it was a real laugh, in that way, the cute guy would think of you as some happy person that he could have a fun time with. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. At least you guys have exercised some facial muscles lol! But if it does work, then, by all means – Grab Away!!!


I would think of grabbing as not a crime – in an appropriate setting of course. You don’t do that to a colleague, or a boss, or to a subordinate!

It works well if both people are consenting adults. If he pushes your hand away, then don’t force it. If you want to try what I did with the grabcar driver, I’m afraid it has a 10-20% success rate (of course this statistic has no basis at all, im just making this up). But yeah, talk is still sexy. When you stimulate someone just by talking,

That’s where your power rests.. You don’t let your hands go to places immediately. You have to set the mood first. And check if the other person is willing or not, otherwise, you’ll end up being hit or behind bars. Lol.

That being said, grabbing strangers shouldn’t really be done. I don’t condone it, I don’t recommend it. But why did I do those things? Let’s just say, we were in the heat of the moment. They were willing, I was able. ✌🏻️

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