starting the week right

It’s the birthday week!!! And boy, am I excited! Hahah!

I had a chill drinking sesh last night with my former housemates, or House by the Sea ladies as we used to call ourselves as we used to live in an apartment beside a Seaoil Gasoline station.

Aki, Thea and Me!

Can you believe we once stayed in the same room together? Of course Aki and I are both gays and we didn’t mind if Thea undresses in front of us. Sometimes, we even help her in what she should wear! Think Will and Grace meets Top Model meets Big Brother haha! Everyday’s a riot with these people haha. We kicked off the birthday week reminiscing the good old days; with beer and sisig of course. There are no food photos though, sorry…

Met one of my grade school friends today! We’ve kept constant communication with each other even if we went to different high schools and colleges. She is now a doctor –
I don’t know the basics but if I’m not mistaken she’s doing a residency or she’s done already.. Or not yet.

She’s specializing in pediatric surgery and we talked about her work during dinner,
Lol. That and the fact that we both consider ourselves successful in our careers but unlucky in finding love.

I only had dessert, lol.

Clockwork Cookie Cup Screams!

Dark chocolate chip cookie with melted white chocolate topped with Pistachio ice cream – well the cookie was hard or was I supposed to wait for the ice cream to melt? Lol. Whatever. #DayreFatties #Dessert #FoodPh

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