Vexies Invade Marikina


Finally!!! The vexies were able to invade Marikina!!!

First stop was Miguel and Maria – one of the more popular restaurants in Lilac St., Concepcion Dos, Marikina. As per Geli, the place is always full and everytime they go there they end up on the 10th plus group in the queue. Contact details above. ☝🏼️

The interiors – it felt like we were just inside a house. It’s not that big, must be the reason why there’s always a queue. We went there at past 1pm, and was still second in line. We were hoping there wouldn’t be any more waiting time as it’s already past lunch time on a Sunday. Oh well. At least second is better than 10th.

So for the foodamssss #dayrefatties #Foodie #Foodph #Pinoyfood

Calamari (golden fried, parmesan crusted squid rings, served with Miguel and Maria’s spicy Marinara sauce). Yummy yummy dip! P220

Creamy carbonara – Served with lots of bacon bits P220

Hungarian sausage topped with their homemade mango salsa P180

Seafood Paella – their own version of Paella, good for sharing P250

Baked Salmon with mashed potato and vegetables P300

The Vexies for today’s lunch haha. Everybody happy!!!

The restaurant’s facade. I will give it a perfect 5 as it has good food, great and cozy place, nice service and affordable price.


The downside : getting there as it is a bit far from the Metro, if you have your own car you might have to endure the traffic as well. Plus as mentioned above, on regular days the queue gets a bit long. Lucky for us, we went here on a late Sunday afternoon so there’s no traffic, and also not much people.


We went to Udderly Delicious for dessert. They serve milkshakes, cakes, pancakes, waffles and chicken wings. We tried the milkshakes – coz I just had to, lol. Reminds me of Kelis’ song : my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard 🎡🎢

Instructions on how to “create your own milkshake”

I had premium ice cream, vanilla, and red velvet. My friends also tried different flavors/combinations.

They have a small space, but They do serve sweet milkshakes😻😻😻

People just come and go, I guess it’s not the type which caters for customers who want to lounge for hours long..

Colorful straws for the pink containers hahha!

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