Wedding Dress, Food and Reminiscing

You know when your friend backs out on you at the last minute but you’re already prepared to go?

So I ended up scrambling for a weekend getaway. Luckily, my friend, who will get married in March asked me to accompany them to the designer coz the bride will be having her second fitting!

Her chosen couturier is Jazel Sy, one of the top 10 bridal gown designers in the country (obviously, I am not aware #fml). There is a superstition in the Ph that the groom is not supposed to see her bride in her wedding dress before the Day. That’s why, I was the lucky one assigned to “assess” the dress

The Dress

I wish I could share how great it looks – even if it’s not yet finished. According to Jazel, there are still beadworks and finishing touches to be done. Plus my bride friend asked her to change the neckline as she wants something that resembles a collar? Lemme search the internet…


Here, she said she wants something like this – with the same details around the neck. Her gown looks like this:

Okay, I’m pretty sure the groom won’t see this until the wedding, so I am posting some photos (cropped so as not spoil the big reveal on The Day) Haha.

The back of the dress, she’d make a perfect #Dayrebride right?

Really really loved it #Dayrebrides

SumoSam Lunch

After the fitting, the soon to be groom took me out for lunch because there are some things we needed to discuss – I have a few straight friends whom I maintain platonic relationships with, lol. So he needed to open up about something and I am, well, a good listener.

Sumosam is a Japanese restaurant owned by a popular 90s heartthrob, Marvin Agustin haha.

Anyway, here’s what we had for lunch (and yes I’m already doing this regularly):

Ebi Teppan

Bacon Asparagus

And all meat rice #Dayrefatties

Based on these three items, I’d give the restaurant an almost perfect score


I wonder if the other branches are as cozy as this one (located in Gateway Mall, Cubao, Quezon City). I think I need to try the other branches and the other items in their menu (a lot, I must say).

University of the Philippines – Diliman

I thought of meeting up with a friend who lives near UP. UP is the country’s premiere state university, housing the most intellectual students from all over the country – and I’m saying that because I’m biased. I studied there for two years. Unfortunately, Engineering wasn’t really my cup of tea so I ended up flunking every subject during my second year of college.

Now, 15 years after I first stepped inside the UP campus, I went back again and reminisced my good old freshie and sophomore days.

Celebrating fifteen years of friendship with this guy! We don’t really look old right? Haha

The Quezon Hall, in front of it stands the Oblation, a naked man with outstretched arms looking at the skies, a symbol of selflessly offering one’s self to the country.

Kalayaan Residence Hall – where I spent my first year in the university. Brought back so many memories, including days I’ve spent in the shopping center – a small stretch of stores (mostly photocopying booths and food stalls). I decided to revisit two of them – which UP is also known for: Mang Larry’s Isawan and Rodic’s diner

Mang Larry’s isawan is where the famous “Isaw” or pig intestines are grilled and, well, eaten by a lot of patrons – even the rich kids from the nearby schools go to UP just for this.

Unfortunately, and as is the usual case, the place is full. We were already hungry, so we just decided to eat at the “balls” store beside it. Why balls?

This is why. They fry squid balls, chicken balls, fish balls, quail eggs (more popularly known as kwek-kwek), dynamite (huge wrapped chili haha), kikiam and Siomai.

Our stash – the balls are P15/stick. This one costs P45. Not bad, huh?

We went to Rodics afterwards for our quick dinner. They actually serve silogs – a meal composed of a single serving of your choice of viand (hotdog, longganisa, liempo or their bestseller tapa), egg and rice.

My friend ordered the tapsilog, while I had the jumbosilog.

I was already eating when I remembered to take a photo for the #Dayrefatties #Food #Foodph #PinoyFood

Yay! Finally fulfilling a promise I made to myself: Buy new clothes!!!! Hahaha!

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