To Happier Days!

If yesterday, all my nonstop blabbering about the broken AC in the office somehow offended anyone, I would like to apologize. It was just the first day of work this year and you know how everyone longs for a perfect “start”.

I have already moved on, and I decided (right when I woke up) this morning that I will treat today differently! You see, I’m a firm believer in choosing your own happiness. Although I have little patience most of the time, I always make sure that :

A) at the end of the day, I will let go of whatever it is that’s causing my restlessness

B) for every problem that I encounter and think about before going to sleep, I will count two blessings to offset that negativity

And C) Always think about the other person – he/she might be battling something that I am not aware of and it’s causing him/her to act that way.

So, today….

I finally bought myself a new water bottle!!!! I wouldn’t say that this is one of those impulsive shopper moments, as I have long been without a decent water bottle in the office (I brought my old one home). I do have a little mug, but since I am a “water addict”, I needed something bigger so I won’t go back and forth to our office’s water station. Plus – it’s a one liter container and it’ll somehow “force” me into drinking at least 3L a day! Way to go detox!

I was actually eyeing the Kor water bottle, but it was TOO EXPENSIVE here – P1900! But it’s really pretty and I was already keen on buying it the next payday, but then I saw this Glittering Pink Nalgene bottle and I was like – whoaaaaa! This is it! This is so me!

Fyi – I’m not a #shopaholic. I saw the bottle last Sunday, it was already in my hands but I returned it because I needed to know if this is really not one of those impulsive buying habits of mine.

I slept on it, for two days. The wanting (and the need, for all you economics students) is still there – so I went to R.O.X BGC to buy it.


And in keeping up with my #Dayrefatties posts, I would like to share my lunch and dinner (lol)

🎎 LUNCH @ Nadai Fujisoba, Bonifacio High Street

So Karen and I were looking for a quick lunch since we were already in the Fort (3km away from the office, we took a grabcar). Bonifacio High Street has more restaurants than fastfoods, so we were devoid of better options. There’s Bon Chon, and there’s a nearby Market! Market! mall, so we headed to the latter. And then I remembered this Japanese Resto

It was described to me as a bit “cheap”, considering the fact that it was located in BHS. We checked the place out, and well, agreed to just try it. Meals range from P100 (smaller size rice bowls) to P300+. They also serve noodles, but I haven’t eaten since yesterday so I just had the rice bowl. I wasn’t planning on documenting the food so I don’t have a decent photo of what I ate 😳 sorry 😳

My “glasses shot”, part of the menu was captured lol

Karen and I, she had Beef Gyudon Rice Bowl while I had the Katsudon Rice Bowl (P190 each).

I would say this is a better version of Tokyo Tokyo. You can get the same meal at around the same price (or a bit lower); but Nadai has better service, food quality and of course, location.

I’m giving my lunch today a grade of


πŸ‘ΉDINNER at Goto Monster, Vito Cruz Extension, Makati City

Goto Monster looks like a small carinderia with a twist.

From the caricature “monsters” that adorn the wall, to the HUGE goto bowls displayed on one side of the establishment, you already know that this is one fine hole in the wall restaurant.

For those who do not know, GOTO is sort of a Filipino version of Congee or rice porridge. It is made of, well, rice and beef tripe (no idea what it is). As you all know, I am NOT a beef person.. I went to goto monster for this:

Their Bagnet meal! Bagnet is a dish made of crispy pork belly.. Make that SINFUL crispy pork belly. Goto monster serves one of the best bagnets in town, this full meal is priced at only P120! This is one place that regardless of the location, I could give it a perfect score of


If this meal tastes good, I wonder how their specialty would fare? Again, I’m not a fan of beef, so I would let you be the judge of that haha! #foodie #foodporn #yummy

That’ll be all for today, gotta sleep coz tomorrow’s another busy day in the office for me 😦

Ta ta!!!


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