First day of work in 2016 and it feels like summer inside the office. For some unknown reason, the AC is not working and I’m wearing a long sleeved top 😭😭😭

I wish they fix it soon.. My glasses are slipping because of the sweat hahahah. This isn’t a work friendly environment.

On a brighter note, a lot of colleagues who went away for the holidays brought goodies (from wherever they went).

In addition to the untimely disappearance of the AC Today, we also have a beyotch client who told me : “isn’t it your job to do analyze the recon since you’re the accountant?”

BITCH. I cannot check something that I only saw for the first time today because it’s an internal reconciliation exclusively used by your company. STUPID.

Ugh. I should not be ranting but oh well.. At least, we had a free dinner today.

Me wants to go homezzzzzzzz.. Came here a few minutes before 8… It’s 11:32 pm and I’m still in front of my office PC, with a fckin busted AC..

Such is the life of an accountant. @supermavic is still here as well.. We are all busy beezzzzzzz… To be fair with our boss, she asked me to go home already.. But I thought of finishing some work to buy me more time tomorrow (i can be late, but I hope not).

Left the office when I found a good deal at Grabcar… Now off to dreamland… Zzzzzzz

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