The Foodie Neophyte

I'm kickstarting my Dayre year with food posts! Yebah!
Of course, I know that on the last day of 2015, I promised to try to exercise…. But that won't stop me from doing what I love to do – EAT!!!!

Okay okay. I must confess, I'm just a new #foodie convert – having had the avenue to post my #Foodporn photos here, and not be judged as humblebragging or what; but just someone who wants to document his rare rendezvous with "blogworthy" restaurants lol.

I was never the kid who had a family that dines at fancy restaurants. This did not happen even when I started working. I was the type who'd just spend my meager salary (back then) on simple meals – carinderias, eateries, the likes (P50/meal)

But as I climbed the corporate ladder, I learned how to adapt to various "dining situations". That, and the fact that there's more money to spend on food (which I do not and will not regret as we work to put something on the table, right?); and the proliferation of blogs, social media reviews and recommendations; and friends who happen to share the same passion for eating hahaha!

Don't get me wrong, I still eat at cheap places! It's just that I try some new things every once in a while!

Som's Noodle House

Last night, Rea and I went to Som's Noodle House in Makati. It's a Thai restaurant that was introduced to me by a Malaysian friend a few years ago; and I haven't come back to the place since then.

It was a late dinner since Rea just came from Baguio (a province from the northern part of the Philippines). We went to Som's at around 10:30pm (they close at 11).

The restaurant's interiors – it looks like a small carinderia, but they do serve authentic Thai dishes (my Malaysian friend swears to that).


Rea had Pak Boong with Shrimp – Water Morning Glory, Oyster Sauce, Green Chili Pepper, Onion, Wild Garlic and Shrimp (P180)

And then I had Togue Tofu – grey trout, tofu, onion, spring onion and green chili pepper (P150)

Partially in the photo is the BEST Thai Milk Tea I have ever tasted (given that I have only tasted a few, lol)

And of course, you know I couldn't live without rice (P100) I also had steamed chicken, garlic rice and scrambled egg. Quite a heavy dinner, eh? Haha!

I'd rate Som's


And for more information about the restaurant, you may visit their Facebook page: Som's Noodle House


Tonight, we went to Bonifacio Global City for dinner. Well, Rea and Aki watched Star Wars for the nth time, and I went there to walk lol.

I was pushing for a Unit 27 dinner, but they wanted to try FAT – another new restaurant in Burgos Circle.

The view outside the restaurant. Food is a bit pricey, but well.. At least we tried something new.

Green Tea Chicharon – house made chicharon, honey vinegar, green tea salt (P190)

I had Prawn Fingers – Spicy Prawn with Special Sauce (P325) and

Garlic Rice (P100)

The Garlic rice and the steamed rice (P80)

Rea had Seared Tuna Steak (P350) – Seared Tuna, French Beans, Marbled Potatoes

Aki had Grilled Salmon, Frites and Asparagus (P375)

I'd give it


Because it's too expensive for the food and my heart still wants to go to Unit 27. But well, maybe someday soon.

The gang at tonight's dinner

And I'm leaving you with this funny (but true) photo I found on the Internet. Yes, I do snap when I'm hungry…. Especially when there's not enough

Wait for it


Hahah!! Good night!!!!

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