Best of 2015

I used to write extremely long yearenders. I would stay up late on the 30th of December and type with absolute passion as I recall the year that was. The following day, I would post it on my Facebook account and let the world see how productive my year was. This went on from 2009 until 2013. The following day, I would enumerate the things that I wish for in the New Year.

And then in 2013, I realized no one was paying attention. Everyone’s celebrating the welcoming of a New Year.

So to pay homage to the year that was, I would simply create a collage of my favorite moments,

See samples below:

#Bestof2012 #My2012

#Bestof2013 #My2013

#Bestof2014 #My2014


#My2015 was fun, adventure filled, and amazing. This year saw me fight and win battles that I should have long let go of, go to places I’ve never been to, try things I haven’t done and just be back to my old, free spirited albeit a little more responsible self.

And since I turned thirty already (I know, I’m old), I just feel that somehow, I have to document what I’m feeling, what I’m thankful for, and what I’m hoping for as we close another year.

And let’s not really give a fck if anyone’s looking or reading, as this is a fcking personal journal haha.

My personal #Bestof2015

1) Discovering Dayre!! Yay!!

2) Watching Idina Menzel’s concert and a couple of theatrical productions : Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady, Bridges of Madison County

3) Staycations at Azumi Boutique Hotel and Azure Urban Residences

4) Sudden solo trip to El Nido, Palawan

5) Spending Valentine’s Day in Manaoag and Baguio

6) Getting promoted

7) my trip to Cebu

8) an impulsive decision to buy the new iphone

9) the cost of overcoming sickness

10) Bringing my brothers to the Family day in the office

11) Having an enemy in the office and eventually befriending him on Christmas

12) Having a new office crush and eventually changing my mind when he seenzoned me haha

13) (slowly) Accepting the fact that banker will never be mine

14) being the self proclaimed Ninong (godfather) of the year, with Seven additional godchildren just for this year alone!

15) Saying goodbye to a dear friend who left the company to pursue a career abroad

16) Meeting and hugging celebrities, models and hot men haha.

17) Wathing ASAP live

18) Camp Netanya Resort trip with the college bests

19) Reconnecting with PNB friends, Ava and UP friends

20) Being brave enough to dress in full on drag at the office Christmas Party

21) Having my Manila based friends come over our Batangas house

22) Meeting new friends – in Dayre, in the office and in my travels

23) Trying lots of new restaurants

24) having my very first Crystal Charm bracelet

25) Being able to see a Miss Universe win for the Philippines in my lifetime

26) Not watching the last season of ANTM, but gets hooked with AUSNTM AND ASNTM

27) Being more self-aware; knowing what I need to do instead of complain

28) Getting a life insurance!

29) Joining the LGBT Pride March

30) WALKING! Lots and lots of WALKING!!!

So before these fireworks start in New Zealand, lemme share with you my last #Selfie for 2015 haha!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! Cheers to a better, brighter, happier 2016!!!!!

2016 Resolutions / Plans / Wishes

And before the coming year, people would most likely write resolutions and plans. I am not an exception. I would try to list the things I want to happen, and maybe try to achieve at least half of them? Maybe I’d list down 10 so it wouldn’t be that hard haha.

1) Exercise and try to get rid of my huge belly

2) Buy new clothes – at least one every month?

3) Travel!!! Go somewhere I haven’t been to (again)!

4) If this year’s comp package isn’t good, try to find a greener pasture haha.

5) Regularly post and find people for the Love Mission

6) Stay Happy

7) Go out on dates – real dates!

8) Learn how to drive

9) Eat more veggies

10) Be more patient and friendly 😁

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