Movie, Darna, Food and Best Nine

Movie Review

As promised, I’m giving you a little review of the movie I watched yesterday #MovieAddict

All You Need Is Pag-Ibig (Love) tells stories a about the different kinds of love – romantic, unrequited, filial, platonic… It follows the interwoven lives of several people (characters’ names I forgot)

1) Kris Aquino (Love) television show host, who ironically dishes out love advice but has never experienced being in love

2) Kim Chiu – who left her home because her father found a new love.. She was the high school valedictorian, who was voted most likely to succeed

But as fate would have it, she lived by herself forcing her to drop out of college and work from one job to another.

3) Xian Lim – who was in love with Kim

4) Pokwang – a grade school teacher who takes care of her nephews and nieces and cyberstalks her crush

5) Pokwang’s young nieces – sisters, one of whom has always been noticed and the other isn’t

6) Bimby – son of Jodi, tutee of Kim, student of Pokwang. He flunks his subjects because he loves seeing Kim during their tutorials

7) Jodi – in love with her boss

8) Ian Veneracion – the boss, who was moving on from his ex. Estranged father of Kim

9) Derek – on the verge of a breakup, meets Kris on her temporary hiatus in a Palawan resort

– ok those maybe too much to digest. I’m not really a great storyteller, but these things about the movie i hafta tell ya:

πŸ‘πŸΌ Jodi and Ian’s love story is refreshing and cute

πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ Kris is still annoying and still shows her inept acting

πŸ‘πŸΌ There are a few heartwarming moments, and for me, they weren’t of the famous actors in the movie. And that was good, so yeah.

πŸ‘ŽπŸΌ KimXi is still annoying. Although Kim acts slightly better now. But her arms are too thin.

πŸ‘πŸΌ There are funny moments.

I’m giving this movie a:



Darna is the ultimate Filipino superheroine. Of course, everyone in the country knows her. Here, I just googled a little history for everyone’s reference

Being a Filipino superhero, the role of Darna has become a much coveted one among our actresses here. If you’re the lucky one chosen to don the “red suit”, then your path to stardom is considered “made”. Here’s a photo of past actresses who’ve played the role.

It will be reprised next year and boy, aren’t we all excited? Of course there’s too much hullabaloo as to who would be the next Darna since former Darna Angel Locsin can no longer play the role due to health issues.

My guess is that it’ll be Nadine Lustre, one of the more promising stars of this year.

Why all the fuss about this fictional superhero? Growing up as a kid watching Darna movies, I imagined that I was her during playtime haha. I remember putting on fake wristbands and “shielding” myself from bullets thrown by my playmates; or swallowing candies and screaming “DARNA!!!” Too gay, I know. Lol.

Seeing her in big screen with better video effects is something I’m looking forward to.

Cash and Carry

Earlier, I went to Cash and Carry mall to buy chocolates for tomorrow’s New Year’s Eve celebrations. As what I have mentioned before, NYE is something that we really prepare for. Cash and Carry is the best place to buy imported goods at much lower prices!

They have chocolates, perfumes (mostly knockoffs, but nevertheless okay) and whey protein products.

Tim Tam : 170
Hershey’s Nuggets : 220

Good deal? I dunno haha.
Lunch was at Luk Yuen because I was craving for siomai haha

#DayreFatties #Foodporn

Free Crackers – coz waiting time after ordering is approximately 15 minutes.

Satisfying my siomai craving… Nomnomnomnommmmnm

Pork spareribs + rice.

Sometimes, this phone does wonders when taking food photos haha.

I still think that the best siomai place is Waiying, Luk Yuen’s is a bit overpriced at P145.


I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about this 2015 best nine photos from
#Instagram .

How does it work?

You go to , type your Instagram profile, or any of your person’s Instagram name and then the site will generate the best moments of the year for you based on the number of likes. At the bottom, it will show you the total number of likes your received on the number of photos you posted on IG.

Since everyone else was doing it, so I thought, Why not try it out as well? Hmmm.

A bit of a background, I have two Instagram accounts: one for the Love Mission (post to follow soon), and one personal account.

Here are my Best 9: a bit of a #throwback too lol

Love Mission account

Follow me on ig: @abelslovemission

Personal ig: @jamesabelc

Yes, my Dayre name is my Ig name in reverse lol.

6/9 photos are from my Baguio Trip last February.

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