Christmas Dinner 04


Ginazel’s is one of the more popular event caterers here (of course I didn’t know); and they also have a resort / events place / buffet restaurant. I was actually surprised that we already have buffet places here in our province.

My college barkada agreed to hold our annual get together here – of course since our family is growing, a couple of them now have kids, it is hard to schedule out of town getaways, like we used to do. At least, sort of Christmas dinner would be fun.

We’re too early!! Arrived here at 5pm haha! Here’s a sample of the food #Dayrefatties #foodie #foodporn

Stuffed Crab, Pancit, Pork Pochero and Spicy seafood

Bicol Express (the runaway winner for us), Beef with Mushrooms, Lumpia and Fish Fillet

Lechon Kawali, Shrimp, Veggies, Banana

Fruits, Salads and Desserts!!!

The gang was almost complete! Too bad one of us wasn’t able to make it, I have a feeling she watched a basketball game and ditched us haha. Well, she was with us yesterday on the christening of baby Sean (baby on the left).

Our Verdict : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

While they may not have a vast selection of dishes as compared to buffet places in Manila (think: DAD’s, Cabalen, Buffet101); they still have a variety of decent Filipino dishes and super yummy desserts. Not bad for a provincial buffet place.

Plus, it’s not that expensive! It’s only P399! I’m thinking of celebrating my birthday here haha!

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