Christmas Eve 2015

Merry Christmas Dayre!!!!

An empty underpass this morning, after the ninth Simbang Gabi! Sadly, I missed one of the nine morning masses (see the other day’s post). It did not stop me, however, in completing the rest. Of course, all it takes is a little faith and a strong will to wake up. I must admit that my mind sometimes tells me to go back to bed, I guess it’s bound to happen when you’ve been waking up at 3:30am everyday. Whenever it happens, I just pray and ask God to wake me up haha.

So I received a message from one of my colleagues/friends advising me not to leave the Metro early because it seemed that everyone who wanted to go home to the provinces thought about going to the bus terminals in the morning. It was so bad my friend arrived there at 5am and was only able to board a bus at around 8am. She sent this photo:

It was pure madness. This is the #Christmas rush – Philippine version. But kidding aside, it was so bad. I have complained about our transportation systems and traffic situations here, but this one’s another horrifying story. I was watching the news earlier and there were people who won’t be able to go home to their provinces tonight because there are no more buses to take them home.

Now, I don’t know if I should blame them because they could’ve planned it or bought tickets beforehand?

But I still feel bad that they do not get to spend the most wonderful time of the year with their families.

Lucky for me, I decided to go to the terminal during lunch hour – when the afternoon heat would be unbearable, and it got me to thinking that only a few would wait in that condition. Boy, I was right. I got to the terminal with two empty buses waiting, and no long queues. Thank God.

Now I’m back home waiting for Christmas? Haha.


Well, we’ve got a few practices here during Christmas Eve – one would be the Misa De Gallo, or the Christmas Eve mass. Our father told us to be ready by 9:30 pm, so we’d be able to get nice seats.

Of course, it’s sort of expected that during Christmas, you will be wearing something new. I don’t know where this came from, but I realized that I don’t even have something new to wear this year! It occurred to me that I don’t really shop for clothes that much.

Heck, I could not even remember the last time I bought myself a shirt or even a pair of pants. My shoes are almost retiring already – and mind you, I only have three pairs : 1) Office shoes 2) Casual shoes 3) my “walking” shoes. So where does my moolah go? Food? Movies? Things like those. Maybe next year, I’d write that in my resolution – at least buy a new shirt every month.

I also feel bad that I wasn’t able to buy my youngest brother a new shirt this Christmas. Maybe next week? Haha.

I always buy him a shirt during This season and then I always pick the wrong size (he’s in his early teens so the growth is unpredictable okay); he ends up wearing these shirts a year after. So you see, he still has a new shirt – but from last year lol.

Then there’s the Noche Buena – I’m guessing we got this from the Spaniards. It’s a traditional family dinner the night before Christmas – with lots and lots of food. I noticed that we have stopped doing this.

We are now having this grand feast during New Year’s Eve. Then, there’s Santa Claus. I have a feeling that it’s the same all over the world; and yes, when I was young, I did believe in him haha. Of course, now that we’re all grown up, Santa doesn’t exist in our lives anymore. Hmm. Now those are two traditions we’ve stopped observing.

Well at least, the Mass was still part of our annual Christmas thingie.

Hello from the Evening mass crowd.. I actually can’t understand anything the priest was saying 😳

And a Christmas Selfie from the Cabios. 😘

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