Christmas Dinner 03 – with the 26F Girls

Christmas Dinner today with Elang and Ina, two colleagues from a different floor. Elang used to be part of our department until she transferred to a different one, while Ina is Elang’s friend from the Socials Committee and eventually became a friend of mine thru Communicator and Facebook chats, lol.

We have wanted to eat at Nihonbashitei since a couple of months ago, but the other branch closed so we had to postpone it to another time. So since it’s almost Christmas, we agreed to have dinner

And this is where we chose to go

Panorama of the interiors of the restaurant

And now, for the #Dayrefatties #Foodies out there, here are my #Foodporn photos lol

California Maki and Salmon Roll – their specialty, the Spicy Toro Maki, was not available so the waitress suggested that we try the next bestseller, which was the salmon roll. Although it doesn’t have that special kick like the Toro Maki, the Salmon roll was a good substitute.

Miso Soup – japanese restaurant and me, you know the drill. However, this bowl (priced at P55) was huge enough for a whole ramen dish. I felt bloated fast that’s why I wasn’t able to enjoy the succeeding dishes…

Ebi Tempura – normal tempura, only had a bigger body than the usual.

Beef Teppanyaki – Ina claims that this was her favorite.


And I forgot the name of this one, which took 45 minutes to prepare. There’s steamed rice inside, and a mix of seafoods on top of it.

Nihonbashitei is always a good place to go to!!


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