Sunday Me Time

Sun is up!!!

Finally, I’d be able to walk the streets without getting my feet wet (and dirty)! Hmmmm.. Today is all about MOVIES!!

Every year, there is a Metro Manila Film Festival being held on Christmas week. Usually, they would pick 8 or more films that would be topbilled by the biggest celebrities. It used to be about acting, but now, it’s all about crowd drawing powers.

Unfortunately, when you pick the first screening, you’d be watching with people who (maybe) are just wasting their time inside the moviehouse. Some where whispering and others were talking over the phone, I heard one listening to music and another playing a game. I was like, what’s wrong with these people?!

Amidst all these, I tried to focus on what was being shown in front of me. So here it goes..


Three Movies for Sunday

Movie No. 1 : Mandirigma

Mandirigma is a Filipino word for… Hmm. fighter? This movie is about a group of Philippine Marines and their fight against rebels. What could be an interesting and action filled story turned out to be a boring and somewhat chill war movie. The movie started with a narration of how a Marine’s life is whenever he goes to battle, while showing you scenes in a market. And then you just get confused as the story progresses (or did it).

New characters are being introduced thirty minutes into the 82min. movie. They also showed glimpses of marine training, that looked really bad – the soldiers seemed so tired and never snappy. If this was supposed to portray the current situation of the marines, I guess we’re all doomed. And then there’s the scene where the rebels caught some hostages; where there are closeup shots of their feet and their expensive looking shoes.

If you’d ask me why I watched this, it’s only because of the poster. I thought it was a gay film because of all the hot boys there haha! And indeed, they were all unbelievably hot, even the younger rebels. Which brings me to this observation : they had the budget to hire these goodlooking actors, but they did not spend any greasing them up. I mean, hello, they were supposed to be in the middle of a war! How come they look like they were all about to go to a facial wash commercial shoot?

Everyone’s so squeaky clean, it’s disappointing. Hah. Overall, this movie deserves :


Movie No. 2 : Tandem

Tandem is a story of two brothers, played by the brilliant JM De Guzman and Nico Antonio, engaging in riding in tandem crimes. Well, the movie has talented actors and a dark storyline so I already expected it to deliver. And yes, it did.

I don’t know where Nico got his training, but JM was a theater actor (and a drug addict in real life) – so that explains the intense acting.

Props to Rochelle Pangilinan, who plays Nico’s wife. She has gone a long way from her Daisy Siete days, now she’s a certified actress.

Anyway, back to the movie. So they were doing criminal activities while riding in motorcycles around the metro – stealing/snatching bags from unsuspecting pedestrians. They had a deal with a friend to rob a construction site supervisor, but things went out hand forcing one of them to kill the “target”.

They were also “protected” by two police officers who extort money in exchange for their freedom. These policemen also forced the brothers to kill the new police chief, who “cleans” the system by getting rid of the dirty cops. Their messy life becomes even more chaotic when they failed to do this job, and so turns into a tragic end.

For sure, this movie will be getting a lot of awards in this year’s festival. I’m giving it a:


Movie No. 3 : Toto

Toto is a typhoon Haiyan survivor who works as a roomboy in a hotel; he wants to live the Great American Dream. With that, he tries – in any way that he possibly can – to enter USA and live illegally there. He and his gay best friend tried to create a fake family, producing fake documents; asks friends and relatives for help (money or a job) or even tries to ask American guests in the hotel to marry him.

He meets a con woman whom he gives $2,500 for a promise to be married with her(which of course doesn’t happen), and a gay executive who became his friend.

What I liked about the movie is that they presented it in a somewhat comedic way, and it had with it a lot of vivid shots that adequately described the world that Toto lives in. During his first time trying to apply for a US VISA, you can see the festive atmosphere in his neighborhood.

And after being denied, it’s as if the same neighborhood was cursed with bad luck.

Toto was portrayed by Sid Lucero, who is also a great actor – he has won several acting awards in the past. And of course, I was expecting skin to be shown here as Sid always does haha! Overall, the movie was great and it deserves a:


😱 There was actually a fourth movie that I watched, but I got so disappointed with the lead’s acting that I decided to just walk out of the moviehouse (probably for the first time ever). It was so bad, the lead actor was AJ Dee, brother of mainstream superstar Enchong Dee. Indeed, you will see the difference that an actor who has had a lot of experience (and workshops, I suppose) between someone who hasn’t done much. Enchong was also in the movie and although I am not a believer of his acting,

at the very least, he at least delivered something. Contrary to his brother, who just happens to be so modelesque, the only thing that saves him is his long neck and how his tattered shirts still looked perfect on him. I personally liked him more, but please do not act. I think he has a blog, the Filodapper, if I’m not mistaken. I hope he sticks to it or something else, leave the acting to his brother.

#MovieAddict #Movies

Whenever you are Hungry….. EAT

And I did just that. Now, do not judge me my dear #dayrefatties , I indulged in this dinner because it was my first time to try Mongolian Quick Stop; and it was cheap. I had:

Chicken Noodle Soup P110 with iced tea. You can see the oil hahaha! So sinful, yet so good. Or maybe I was just hungry lol.

And Vegetarian Bowl, where you can add any veggie you want (if available). The single order is priced P125, my bowl has rice, noodles, carrots, tofu, little corn, cabbage, lettuce, spring onions, onions… I guess that’s all, lol. But I transferred the chicken from the chicken soup to my bowl hahaha!


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