Time flies!!! It’s already one month before my birthday! So I decided to post a “from my perspective” photo each day till the 21st of January.

Here’s the first one:


And suddenly, you know.. It’s time to start anew and trust the magic of beginnings

In what could be the most awkward and biggest mistake in beauty pageant history, the host announced the wrong winner in this year’s Miss Universe pageant! I feel bad for Colombia, but hey, the Philippines won.

Apparently, not everyone was happy because of Pia Wurtzbach’s win. To name some:

1) Miss Germany, who was very vocal about the candidates not voting for Pia

2) The candidate in the red gown who pushed Pia away when she tried to comfort Colombia

3) Miss Colombia, I guess?

4) Those self absorbed political moralists who disagree with Pia’s answer in the Q&A

I guess, it’s really a long way to the top. And once you get there, a lot of people will try to bring you down.

Good thing that Pia remained elegant and maybe she just knew how to say the right things at the right time. All those years of pageant training finally paid off. I am absolutely happy to witness such a historic TV / Miss Universe moment in my lifetime.

It’s an added pressure for next year’s Binibining Pilipinas contestants. Whoever would win will have big shoes to fill!


On a more serious note, I was actually asking why Colombia’s answer to the question “Why should you win Miss Universe?” almost centered on her being a Latina? Like she was the perfect Latina beauty queen blah blah. I was told that maybe, it was because of Donald Trump’s comments about Latin people. I certainly have nothing against them, in fact I admire their beauty.. However, from our perspective, it is not only the Latin people who are being discriminated against.

No matter how we try to deny it, we would always tend to categorize people – Be it by color, by race, by sexuality or religion. How is it that pageants like these try to promote women empowerment and equality, but they themselves couldn’t practice it?

Case in point – Mr. Trump? Well of course he’s no longer part of the MUO, but his comments against the Latin community in the States wasn’t really “open” and “accepting”.

I also saw a video (as mentioned above) wherein Philippines tried to come near Colombia to at least console her; but she was pushed away. If I am not mistaken, that was Miss France. Miss France, who was rallying against terrorism, and was even sporting that glittering Eiffel Tower Peace sign tattoo.. Or maybe it was not her..

But then again, right in front of Pia, they were all shouting “COLOMBIA! COLOMBIA!”, when clearly, it was not any of these two women’s fault.

The only people who came to Pia’s side were Miss USA, and Myanmar (again, if I’m not mistaken); and a couple more Asians. Yes we people tend to stick together, but from the looks of it – maybe it was because Asians were also put outside the circle (I’m guessing the Latinas and some Europeans) in the first place?

Actually, we would never really know. Maybe I was wrong with my observations; or maybe not.

The thing is, in order to eliminate this concept of discrimination,

We must understand that before everything else, we are humans.

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