memoirs of what happened last night

Dead tired from an all nighter; something that someone shouldn’t be doing when he reaches the age of 30.

Sadly, I was not able to go to church this morning – thereby, failing to fulfill the promise of completing the nine mornings this year. So what happened yesterday?

3:30 am: Woke up to take a shower and go to church

5:00 am: Church

6:30 am: went back home and prepared everything I needed for the party

8:00 am: started work

4:00 pm: makeup for the presentation

7:00 pm: finished work and went to the venue

10:00 pm: started drinking and dancing the night away (because our team won)

1:00 am: left the party to meet super friends who came home from Australia

3:00 am: started trying to book grabcar/grabtaxi (Uber is X 5!)

4:00 am: successfully booked one, and got home 15 minutes after

4:30 am: slept while trying to book another taxi to church and failing

Woke up at 8am today. I don’t know what is wrong with my body that even if I slept really really late, I still wake up early #Fml

And as what @supermavic said, ’tis a really really rainy day; the weather is so bad we had to cancel our FA team lunch.

That leaves me with an absolutely nothing to do Saturday. So…

I’m now wallowing in my little room, enjoying the cold weather and trying to figure out if I should go out or not. Not really in the mood to do anything; so I guess I’ll just Dayre.

Last Night

Meet the alter ego haha. I still do not have a name for her, though. This was my second look for last night – we had a 70s themed performance, and guess what- WE WON!!

Kudos to the new hires who gave their all for this final performance, and of course to the entire team who made this all year round contest worth winning.

I remember drinking too many shots last night, but then, I’m not feeling hungover. Neither did I forget anything I did, it was the happy kind of drunk that I enjoyed haha.

Oh! Here’s the drunk evidence, I was taking selfies even with people I don’t usually talk to on a daily basis with a freaking lollipop in my mouth! Hahah!

Nevertheless, I had a good time. A really good one. I guess it’s because of the fact that I finally am feeling comfortable unleashing my inner butterfly in the workplace and that I finally beat that sonofagun who hates me with absolute passion (I think).

And then it hit me. After about 7 hours of lying in bed and cyberstalking people, I realized I have not eaten lunch yet. So I braved the rain (at least what’s left of it) and went to the mall. I was thinking that because of this weather, there’d be less people. But I was wrong, malls are still packed 😦

Now I’m looking for a good place to eat. Should I try a new restaurant or just go somewhere my taste buds are already familiar with? Let’s see 😉

Okay. Decided to go to a familiar (albeit, cheap) place. This is Tokyo Tokyo or the “Japanese Fastfood” in the Philippines, another go to place to satisfy Your Tonkatsu + Unlimited Rice cravings the cheaper way.

Of course the taste isn’t as rich as the ones you’ll get in Saboten or Yabu, but I’m hungry and I couldn’t care less about the flavors, lol.

Tonkatsu Bento for just P224 (Miso Soup not in the photo)

After dinner I walked around and was surprised to randomly bump into three friends (different occasions). I guess they were also seeking comfort inside the mall haha!

Now, I have been invited, yet again by one of my transgender friends for a night of celebration / raising awareness for AIDS issues. I might or might not be going, considering I have only slept for 4 hours? Oh well.. A quick catch up with the girls wouldn’t be bad.

Decided to just skip the party and catch more zzzzz’s.

Plus I wanna attend church even if I won’t be Able to complete it. 😁

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