Christmas Dinner 02 (team Christmas Party)

It’s still raining (very hard) and I need to sleep ASAP because I need to be up by 3:30 am tomorrow to go to church. This is a non negotiable and I pray that I wouldn’t miss any of the nine mornings at Sto. Niño De Paz Church. I uploaded the photos first…

So we had our Department’s #Christmas party despite the bad weather. Due to the “lack of funds”, the organizers decided to just hold it inside our actual office area. At first I thought of it as pathetic, but it was actually fun!

It’s still the usual party with gifts (exchange gifts), raffles, fun games and of course, for all the #Dayrefatties : FOOD!!!!

They were initially thinking that food might not be enough for a 40plus headcount, but at the end, there were too many leftovers. Check out what we had on our “dinner table” last night!!!

The food

Roasted Chicken (part 1) – I believe this is one of the rushed orders because of the fear that we’ll run out of food haha!

Embotido – my favorite!!!

Chicken Pastel or Chicken in Cream Sauce with lots of mushrooms and those green thingies (that I do not eat at all).

Beef Caldereta – uhm, no not a fan of beef.

Roasted Chicken (part 2) – this one’s really good. It was part of the initial order so it’s the one that I tried..

Baked Macaroni – also a yummy one. I only got a little because I wanted to have more rice, but still it was one of the better dishes this night.

Pancit – which is always a part of any celebration..

Cake – a former colleague brought this for the team. I think it’s a caramel cake? I only had a very, very tiny piece because it looked so sweet (and indeed it was).



Lechon – which disappeared in not more than 30 minutes! Boy, my teammates were hungry! Hahah! They say it’s one of the best, but I’m really not a fan. I tried the one in Cebu because it was a must if you’re there, but here? No thanks. It’ll just increAse your chances of getting high blood pressure lol!

Kris Kringle Week 5 / The Gifts

This was also the day we had our fifth Kris Kringle in the team! So for this week we had to:

🎁 Give something that you need to insert

🤓 Pick a codename using someone else’s name

💃🏼 Wear something SEXY

We noticed that every week, the gifts are becoming fancier! Most of them are now neatly wrapped.

I received two earphones!!!!

Group Photo!!

The FA team posing for the requisite group photo with the gifts!

And here’s one of almost all of the members of the Custody department after the party


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