aging and dressing up

40 Days before I turn ….. Errr…. Three decades plus One year older.

Gaddemet. The aging process seems so fast after reaching 25. Sometimes, I’d complain, sometimes I wouldn’t . It’s just weird to think. Like I’ve spent almost seven years working for one company, and that seven years is equivalent to kindergarten + grade school; which is also a person’s formative years? Not sure. But yeah, it is fast. Hahah.

When I was in school, every year brought with it new sets of subjects/topics. And then once I started working, things just became really slow. I stayed in my first job for more than a year, and then I moved to the Bank which I’ve been a part of up until now.

At times (like today), I’d feel like I’m stuck in a limbo. But don’t get me wrong, I love what I’m doing. It’s just that, there are days when you get really really bored, even if there are things to do.

And then there’s my bad luck in love. I have been single for more than seven years already. Well, I do have lots of friends, from different circles – which is also a bad thing coz during Christmas season, everyone’s planning for reunions. Ugh. Plus, this year I had 6 additional godchildren!

So that’s why some don’t like this season. Hahaha!

Does it sound like I’m ranting already? Hopefully not. I guess that’s the reason why I’m slowly becoming a member of #TitasOfManila

☝🏼️let it be known that the #TitasOfManila hashtag is popular here. It was even a trending topic a few months ago. Why? Because someone overheard a conversation among three ladies (titas, aunties) about their sex life and an impending adulterous affair, and this person decided to live tweet it. People became interested and boom, it went viral!

Christmas Parties

My Facebook feed is filled with lots of #Christmas party posts. Although I have been talking about our little exchange gifts within the team, we haven’t had the bankwide party yet. I despise this one because it’s too “simple” for a multi national company; and it pretty much hurts that their Shared Service counterpart (where I worked prior to transferring to the branch) is having their party right this very moment in a very posh venue (Marriott Grand Ballroom, yo).

This maybe the famewhore in me, but I’m the type who loves to try to dress up and at times shock everyone. Okay, to help you understand where I’m coming from, let me give you a look back ( #OOTD #Throwback) haha:


2009 THEME: Rock Back To School

Okay, so you will also notice the change in my body from size zero to size I’m not gonna tell hahaha! This was my school uniform interpretation.

Blurred photo, but I also performed onstage. And it’s not just a simple elevated platform, it’s a concert stage. Our parties used to be at The Fort Open Grounds, which sadly, is now filled with condominiums.


I’d say this was the year I sort of solidified my status as “somebody” hahah! Why? I’ll let these photos tell you:

2010 Department Christmas Party Theme : Greek Gods and Godesses

There is NOTHING GREEK with that outfit hahah! But oh well, I’d come wearing what I want to wear haha!

2010 Company Christmas Party Theme : White Party

And mind you, I mixed and match a total of 2 shirts and 3 pants here. Plus a pair of wings, which instantly became my signature.

Performance outfit haha

Party outfit (with the wings)

And I was called to the stage to be serenaded by the performers (Parokya Ni Edgar)


Okay, this would probably be my shocking year haha! Where I came to parties in outfits you’d never expect me to be in.

2011 Department Christmas Party Theme: VMAs

I came dressed as a girl, wearing statement shirts. This was the time our team was robbed of the prize 😦

And after accepting our People’s Choice award, I changed into another statement shirt (removed the wig and makeup too)

2011 Company Christmas Party Theme : Masquerade

Ok, I’m wearing a suit and a white top. What could go wrong / shock people in this ensemble?

Well, you only saw the upper part. I was wearing short shorts and gladiator sandals haha!!! A red carpet event and I was looking like this! I tell you, no one can pull it off but me haha!

And did I not tell you that I perform in these parties? Here I was, dancing to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance


I transferred to the branch the following year, so the parties have mellowed down a bit since the employees there are a bit older than those in the shared service. But still, that did not stop me from gatecrashing the other group’s party.

2012 Shared Service Company Party theme: Jeans

I’m with two transgender friends here (the one in the farthest right, I’m no longer friends with haha)

2012 Branch Christmas Party Theme : Rock

Well this is my toned down version of a Christmas party outfit (and recycled ones hahaha)


Due to the typhoon Haiyan, the company cancelled it’s Christmas parties for this year and instead donated the budget to the victims.

However, since the shared service arm of the bank has reserved/partially paid the venue, they needed to create an event early the following year. Of course I gatecrashed, especially when I found out that the theme was a Decades Fashion Show.

I was part of the show, in the 80s category.

Here you go.. Along with the 70s representatives haha!


2014 Shared Service Christmas Party Theme : Formal

And yes, I gatecrashed again. Of course, for the free food. Haha. Nah, honestly, it just coincided with the date we watched Chicago. Fortunately, their party was also held in the same Hotel/Casino so yeah, I went there and prepared a number of shirts and a feather boa hahaha!

2014 Branch Christmas Party Theme : Musicals

I came as Harry Zidler from Moulin Rouge. And yes, that coat has been recycled over and over again. Unfortunately, for this year, I can no longer do that because I can’t find it haha! It’s just sad that our theme this year is Formal. And I have nothing to wear 😦

Oh well. I’m not really excited for this year’s parties. I didn’t gatecrash the shared service party, maybe it’s another sign of growing up? Hahaha!

Maybe it’s some kind of transition, that when we age, the things that once made us happy gradually became unimportant. Oh fck. Please forgive me for all of these. I was not supposed to upload these photos, not supposed to look back at how fun it used to be..

I think I lost that fire. I know I’m supposed to be the happy person. But I don’t know why I feel like this today haha. Do I really hate our company party so much? Or Am I just feeling this way because I cannot be who I used to be?

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