another yummy dinner

This morning, I was walking to Family Mart when this girl who was in a hurry went past me and rushed to the door. I was like, “okay, maybe she’s aware of the long queue and she wants to be in front of me.. No problem..”

When I went to the end of the queue, I saw her again – right in front of everyone else. Apparently her friend was already in front and this friend waited for her so that she can already include whatever it was that girl in a hurry was buying. Instant express lane, huh?

So I gave her this look that says “Bitch You’re so uncivilized.”

Oh well.

Milky & Sunny

We’ve been seeing this restaurant for quite a while now and we’re wondering if it’s a breakfast place or what, so tonight we decided to give it a try.

And to my surprise, they’re holding a quiz night (the first ever!!)

I’m forcing my friend to join but he doesn’t want to. So we’ll just have dinner first and see if we’ll have tough competition. If not, then, probably we’ll give it a shot!

The place is co-owned by the Magalonas (yes the family of the late rapper Francis M). Matter of fact, Saab, Maxene and Pia are here. We didn’t know it – I swear I didn’t notice Maxene until I was sitting right in front of her.

But we came here for the food… So for the #Dayrefatties out there, I present tonight’s dinner:

Laing Pasta – my friend says it’s a must try. Plus it smells really nice, I’m not a fan of laing though.

Hearty Buttermilk Chicken fusilli – the fusilli actually tastes normal, except for the pinch of lemon haha. The chicken is really good. I guess the hearty buttermilk describes the chicken and not the pasta haha!

Observation : they have nice plates!

Bacon Wrapped Fries – mmmm… This one’s great! Well, I thought it had truffles but I was wrong. I know bacon is sinful and so are the fries, maybe that’s why it’s so good.

The restaurant’s interiors – see if you can spot the Magalonas : Saab, Maxene and Pia. Elmo came in late, but he looked so hot haha!

Vanilla Oreo Milkshake – we tried to stay for the quiz show so we ordered milkshakes. But I’m guessing the quiz night sort of flopped because it was already 8:30, and we + the Magalonas were the only people inside the restaurant. So after downing half of this super sweet and yummy milkshake, we asked for the bill. Bill is P1000 for two people – we had two pastas, a bucket of fries and two milkshakes. Not bad. I’m giving the resto


Four tongue out emojis lol.

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