December 10

Last night, I wasn’t having the best of conversations with one of my friends. She bought something from me and she was saying it is defective, bear in mind that I delivered the item at lunchtime and she was complaining about it at around 11pm. So either she really did not test the product or she broke it while using it (which is most likely the case because I know her to be clumsy). I can return it to the supplier and have it replaced but it needs to be brought back asap.

My friend will be on leave so she cannot return it to me until Sunday – when we have a scheduled dinner / get together. I was already thinking of backing out of said dinner coz I never really want to mix business with pleasure. After giving it much thought, I realized I was acting out based on my extreme emotions (i was still tired from all the walking I did the other day). So I slept on it and this morning, I approached the problem on a different light.

I talked to the supplier calmly and she agreed for a product replacement on Monday. I was prepared to return P600 to my friend haha. It’s also nice that I have been practicing the offsetting of negative things with positive ones.

Like this morning, I came to work with a lot of emails from our boss. She has assigned several tasks to us, mostly to me. Instead of feeling bad because of the additional work, I was thankful because at least I have a job and my role is being utilized well!

Kris Kringle – 4th Week

It’s week 4 of our team’s Kris Kringle! Technically, it’s more than a week since the last exchange gift happened, but due to some absences it was moved a number of times.

So for this week we had:

🎁 (gift) Something useful that reminds you of a TV show / Movie

πŸ’ƒπŸΌ(codename) favorite musical artist

🎎 (theme) wear something that reminds you of a movie/celebrity

I gave a Ben10 lunch box to my baby this week – which happens to be @supermavic and then I came as…..

A #MeanGirl !!! Hahahah! I could really be mean, sometimes? But most of the time, I’m nice πŸ‘ΌπŸ»

I got a #Doraemon eye cover (?); I don’t know what it’s called but well, we all know what it’s use is.

The team with our #Christmas presents!

Karen’s Birthday!!!

It’s Karen’s birthday!! Sadly, she had to work.

She’s one of my closest friends in the bank, and she’s just a month + a few days older than me. So…. It’s a reminder that I’m gonna be older again next month, ugh.

Anyway, we surprised her and gave her a chocolate cake for her birthday. πŸ˜‹

Another Hole in the Wall

I found this little place while I was walking the other day (the long walk I Dayre’d about). Ot was swarming with people so I wasn’t able to check it out. Tonight, I thought about going back there since it’s only a few blocks away from the condo. Luckily, there weren’t much people, But still I had to wait for an available seat.

So now I know why people are flocking here – it’s very affordable. They picked a nice location: Estrella St., inside San Antonio Village, Makati. It’s near the famous 8065 bagnet – not sure if I posted about this but I’m planning to eat there again sometime next week.

Anyway, back to this new hole in the wall.
I had Sizzling porkchop with Garlic Rice, Plus Extra Garlic Rice and Extra Scrambled egg.

Extra rice not in photo, haha.

Verdict : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

My bill was P95. The thing is, you can get the same thing in malls for the same price. This one, since it’s not inside a mall, I would’ve expected it to be a bit cheaper – like P55. Or maybe, I did not order their bestseller. I would still go back to try the non-sizzling stuff since most of the people were ordering those items. If you’re a #Dayrefatties on a budget, this is a nice place to go to.


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