Walking to Wai Ying

I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this, but I am a sucker for long walks. I think I have mentioned in previous posts that sometimes, I walk to the office or from the office to the condo. I honestly think it’s better than jogging lol. At least I don’t get soaked in sweat, but I do get a lot of dirt haha.

Today was not an exception. In fact, today was one of those walks that I am a bit proud of. You see, I walked from the office to Wai Ying restaurant in Taft Avenue.

Here’s the map for reference. Of course, Google followed the route for cars (If you can look closer, it’s a 50minute walk). I took some detours along the way, passing by a mall and then to the streets where I used to live. I guess, the 4.4 km became 5 haha.

After that, I walked home, navigating a different route (this time a shorter one).

But still a bit far, again, I passed by some interesting and of course safe routes.

Some of my friends find the walking long distances is weird. But with the horrible Manila traffic (which I and other Dayreans have often talked about), I would rather walk and enjoy losing some fats than get stuck inside a cramped jeepney, or an extremely expensive Uber/grabcar ride. Or you could say that I’m a cheapskate or I just don’t have money haha.

Truth is, Wai Ying is the place to be when you have that sudden “authentic” Chinese Food craving. I was just there last November and I also ate the same thing (Siomai of course), but guess what? I didn’t have rice!!!

But I had congee…

Which actually has rice. Haha. So sorry dear tummy, you really can’t live without the Philippines’ staple food haha.

Part of the Wai Ying menu. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to take the photo of the whole menu, this was just supposed to be my signature glasses + table shot.

Meatballs congee! My friend thought I was eating healthy (no meat), but surpriiiiiiisssssee, 5 meatballs were hidden underneath this hahaa!

Plus as mentioned above…

I also had siomai. My God. I can’t remember how many photos of Siomai I’ve already posted here for the #Dayrefatties to feast their eyes on. But really. This is one of the best things that this life has to offer.

And Hakaw, which my friend attests as the yummiest hakaw he has ever tasted.

That would be it.. I guess I starved myself more by walking and filled myself with a lot of food and walked again so as to make everything settle inside me haha.

Apparently, when I got home, I am again HUNGRY. Haha.

But nah. Enough eating for today. I’ll just leave you with this:

Heya… A photo of me in the middle of the highway hahaha!

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