Amazing Filipinas

Last Night

One of my transgender friends invited me to watch a pageant she was competing on. The coronation night was on a Friday, and I really don’t have anything planned – aside from going home over the weekend; so I said yes. In a country where gays have beauty pageants as its national sport, I thought why not watch it live?

The ticket was worth P500, a bit expensive, but each ticket earns the contestant you are supporting a point for the People’s Choice.

A bit of a background:

The Amazing Show Philippines is a theatrical production that features performances from transgenders (who actually look hotter than biologically born females), and a few male performers (who are equally hot). They are located behind the Manila Film Center – which is an old “haunted” and “historical” building created during the Martial Law. The center was the brainchild of then first lady, Imelda Marcos.

However, sometime during the final stages of construction, a tragic accident happened burying at least 169 construction workers under quick dry cement.

Despite the accident, the First Manila International Film Festival still pushed through in 1982. According to Google, the building was abandoned in the early 90s until in recent years where the Amazing Show tried to bring it back to life by showcasing the world class performances.

So since they’re mainly composed of transgender performers, I guess the spirit of pageantry kicked in and they held an annual Amazing Philippines Beauty Contest..

From what I’ve heard last night, this year they’re crowning their 13th Queen.

As in the usual beauty competitions, they have the swimwear, talent, evening gown and question and answer rounds. 22 candidates were trimmed down to 15 and then to 10 and then to 5.

Luckily, my friend made it to the top 10. Here are a few photos:

First, I’d introduce you to my friend Brigite. This is actually an old photo I found over the net, and she is wayyy hotter nowadays.

And then there she was, second from the right during the opening number. Notice the pretty girl in the middle? She was the crowd favorite, and also won a couple of special awards (which I forgot).

And here’s Brigite after making it to the Top 15. The lady behind her is a dead ringer for Georgina Wilson, Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3 host.

A contestant in her swimwear

Brigite in her Evening Gown

Three of the final five, I took this photo because I enjoyed the girl in the red gown’s stupid answer to the question : “what is your beauty regimen?”

And her reply was: “Prayers”


The winners – photo courtesy of Amazing Beauties Facebook Page. The crowd favorite won the title.

I honestly think that if you’re joining a beauty contest, you better bring your whole family, clan, friends, officemates and a whole lotta supporters because the cheers could really get you somewhere. All of them were good in Q&A and the gowns were absolutely amazing! Even better than what our Miss Universe contestant wore last year lol.

Part of the prize package is being a regular on the Amazing Show performances. This is last year’s winner showing the audience why she deserved that crown. So pretty!

And here are a two more performances from the talented Amazing Show performers

Madonna’s Vogue

Cell Block Tango form the musical Chicago

All The Light We Cannot See

Just finished reading this epic book. I’ve started this last August and went on reading it – before I sleep, while on the bus (during my trips to the province), and sometimes when I get bored in the office. That explains why it took me a long time finishing it. Also, I wanted to be “in the zone” while reading it. This was a beautifully written story of a girl and a boy who were caught in between a war torn France and Germany. The author is a master of words.

It was so well written that every little detail of the lives of these people seemed to be coming to life when you read it. I was actually sad when I realized I’m almost done reading it. It’s hard to part ways with a great story. I’m sure every #DayreBookClub would understand.

It should be noted that it won the 2015 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. Some mighty promise for a book, huh? I guess it’s a must read 😊

And here’s the next one on my list!! I know I’m such a mushy person and it makes me a lot gayer haha. But I blame it on the cold December breeze, lol.

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