YSY and Gabby

Happy Thursday!!!

That’s my Yoon Shi Yoon calendar. I miss him already… How many years does a guy in Korea need to spend in the marines for his mandatory military service? Korean boy fan but totally clueless (sorry).

Meeting Gabrielle

Yay!!! Finally, we met the beautiful @gabbylim!! It was a really, really fun and engaging dinner! @supermavic and I learned a lot about Singapore – from names to schools to everything else! Come to think of it, we actually covered a lot of topics haha. I hope we could all do a @blog / Dayre meet up!

We took her to Conti’s, one of the nice restaurants in Greenbelt. However, tonight, the service was kinda slow. Well, really
Slow 😦

We just came up with the assumption that maybe the staff was tired because they were holding an event upstairs. Oh well. At least we were able to talk more lol.

It was a long walk from the office and Gabby’s hotel to Greenbelt though, but yeah, more steps for better health!

And this – a salmon craving all because of @shanobyl’s post the other day haha. I had Conti’s baked salmon, my favorite actually.

Afterwards, we walked Gabby home. It’s nice to know that Dayre also gives us a chance to meet new friends – not just online but in real life as well. So to all Dayreans out there, my fellow #Dayrefatties, if you ever come visit the Philippines, just give me a holler and we can all have a fun dinner/lunch/coffee or whatever 😘

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