MTA : Last Day of Vacation!

Visited my godson today!!!

If you check my August posts, he’s the one I attended the christening of. Look how fast he has grown! Next time we meet, he’ll already be eating solids!


So according to my friend, he’s really a happy baby – except for the occasional tantrums. I think it’s normal for babies, coz you never really know why they’re feeling uncomfortable. Seeing my friends and their dynamics in taking care of Baby Gibson Brody makes me think that no, I’m not wired for that 😆

I tried carrying him, but after a few seconds, he realized I’m not the usual person he’s with. Haha.

Amazing how he can shift from crying to smiling after his mom holds him! I guess that’s how mothers are. They have that special kind of magic, or love. Come to think of it, my mom and I, although we fight a lot we still understand each other. I would complain about her but I wouldn’t trade her for anyone else.

So back to my friends, here they are haha! These are my Christmastime friends (plus two more who are based in Singapore), we always get together during the holidays. Right now, we already have two babies in our group. Imagine how our gatherings would be like a few years from now!

All in all, it’s a happy barkada (group of friends in Tagalog).

8 pm

And now I’m on my way back to Manila. Vacation is OVER. Tomorrow’s gonna be hectic, the coming days would be very busy with end of month reports and all that shit. That’s life, we gotta do what we gotta do.

Somehow, I would say that I enjoyed this two week break. It gave me enough time to relax even though I did not travel, catch up with friends, bond with family.. The only thing I planned to do which I didn’t is learn how to drive. Ugh.

On the brighter side, it’s only 25 days before #Christmas !!!! Here’s my Winter is coming photo lol.

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