impacted wisdom tooth drama

Toothache (again)

Last night, I spent a couple of hours browsing the net and researching about impacted wisdom tooth surgeries. Wrong move. I just ended up fearing the procedure even more. As of now, I’m still observing if the pAin would just magically disappear and if it suddenly becomes unbearable, I guess that would be the only time I would go to the dentist.

It just costs too much, and it’s not part of my yearend plans! 😭

Movie (again)

I also watched this after my Japanese food craving fulfillment. James McAvoy and Daniel Radcliffe bring a new spin to the Frankenstein story. They both shine in the movie especially their apparent chemistry, proving that they are great actors. However, the strength of acting could not really save a bad or a slightly overused and familiar story.

Towards the end, you’ll just find yourself asking: can’t they just create the monster and finish this movie haha.

Overall : 🎬🎬🎬🎬🎬

Should’ve been 4, but will add an extra for McAvoy’s acting prowess, and Radcliffe’s presence (which has been magical since Harry Potter, lol)


Don’t judge but I suddenly realized I could download podcasts on my phone haha. Back in 2011, my friends and I were following this podcast called “Becky Nights” where a group of gay friends + a girl talk about being gay in the Philippines. We used to listen through livestream / Skype.

The group was initially composed of three gay friends: a stylist, a hair stylist and a makeup artist; plus their rich socialite model girl friend.

Pardon me for the blurred photo I grabbed from Google, but these are the original “cast” of the show. Most of the time, they talked about gay life, dating, boys, etc. And then, it became a big hit. Sponsors started to come, and more and more people joined the cast.

They would then get hot male guests and harass them, talk about parties they went to, and suddenly it felt like they were shoving their filthy rich gay lifestyles to us, normal, boring working class people haha.

So we decided to just stop listening haha. Afterall, our lives maybe plain but we are happy. Theirs sounded like they always have to be better than the other.


Back to the present day.

I was tinkering with my phone the other day and saw the podcast app (?). Sorry, I’m not a techie haha. I checked the featured podcasts, and then I saw Good Times with Mo! Well, Mo Twister, the Philippine Genius as he calls himself is a well known radio dj here in the country.

I’m not sure if he had a stint as a VJ in MTV or Channel V, but he is infamous for being straight talking, scandalous and having a not giving a fuck attitude. He’s based in the US now with his kids, and I know he has a podcast where he accepts calls from various people from all over the world and gives them pieces of advice for their problems.

He also has a co-host, usually a hot girl, and recently they’re inviting guests to join them in discussing the callers’ issues.

It’s amazing how out of this world people’s issues are! Okay, Most of the time, the callers have sex related issues: Like this girl who is contemplating on breaking up with his bf who recently encountered a major accident, and couldn’t get IT up; or a guy who feels like his girl has small boobs; and a lot more!
Whilst these things seems funny at first, Mo gives them straight to the point YOU SHOULD KNOW IT answers, the kind that real friends do – in an entertaining manner of course.

Of course, not everything is about sex. Earlier I was listening to a couple of episodes where a girl is unhappy because she cannot conceive; and a dad is having a separation anxiety from his daughter who went away to attend university and live out on her own.

It’s a nice alternative to my usual movies, books, series days. So right now, I am downloading the entire season haha!

I just hope they finish downloading tonight 😁

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