MTA Day 11 : kiddie party and japanese food cravings

Just came from another kiddie birthday party. This is a real sign of getting old – all
Your friends inviting you for 1) their wedding
2) their kids christening and 3) the kid’s first birthday. That and the fact that I’m having fun listening to Shaggy’s Mr. Bombastic playing on the radio right now lol.

I don’t really mind though. I am actually happy seeing my friends grow up and take on the responsibility of being parents.

Party Theme : Peppa Pig

Another sign that I’m old. I do not even know who this English pig is haha.

The birthday girl with her parents (my friends).

It was a great party, save for the fact that the kids were a bit shy/reserved. They weren’t participating in the fun games and not volunteering when the host/magician asks for one.

Christmas Car

Saw this car earlier! I initially thought there was a balloon hanging in the front of the car, but then I realized it was Rudolf! Haha

And then, I had a sudden Japanese Food craving. Bear in mind that I already ate at the birthday party… But still…

Since one of my friends was just having coffee somewhere in Makati, I asked him to join me for dinner. We went to Zaifu, Rockwell (I’ve tried it here a long time ago).

Please forgive the panorama shot with floating heads. People are moving and I cannot just ask them to stop coz I was taking a photo haha.

So for the #Dayrefatties

My miso soup – a must for every Japanese meal I order (except for ramens)

Tuna sashimi for my friend – I don’t eat raw food lol. But I’ve tried eating some before, it just isn’t my thing.

Ebi Tempura with rice, pork (?), egg and stir fried veggies. The pork – I didn’t like it. The rest was okay, well so-so to be honest. Not worth it for a P295 meal. Wouldn’t go back here again, haha. I just needed to satisfy my Japanese food cravings.

Verdict : πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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