MTA day 10: Happiness and Pain

Good News!

YAY!!! I passed the exam!! Actually, I’m not sure if I passed, but I got an email with instructions of what I should do next (and I am assuming I passed)! Lol.

Thank God for this. I am on my way to a brighter future, I just hope the succeeding steps would be easier. Again, the exam is just step 1, there’s still a long way in securing this “future”.

Quick Movie

Watched this movie, about an ordinary guy who was given an extraordinary power to do absolutely anything (hence, the title). It was nice, but I expected more – more crazy comedy, magic and special effects. The development of the story is a bit dull as well, it focused on the main character’s love for his neighbor the complications brought by her stalker.

I mean, he can do anything right? There should’ve been more focus on that, make everything grand. Haha.

The moral lesson (for me) is that man can never be satisfied, even if he had the power to do everything. That should’ve been the center of the movie; instead it felt like they just squeezed it in a few minutes before the ending.

My verdict: 🎬🎬🎬


So yeah. This happened. Actually, my dentist has already informed me that I have impacted molars – those infamous wisdom teeth that are not aligned with the rest of our chompers. She has already asked me to have it X rayed, so that a surgery can be performed to remove them.

The thing is, I did not pay attention to it – because it wasn’t doing me any discomfort, YET.

Fast forward to a year later, and maybe after too many popcorns, they are now aching.

I can’t just think and deal with it right now because:

1) I’m on a vacation
2) It will cost a lot
3) It’s almost Christmas… I can’t just not eat?!
4) and I have this thing about losing a tooth, that it’s going to feel like you will never be complete anymore.

That’s really weird haha. I had my first (permanent) tooth instruction last 2010 or 2011. It was depressing. It’s like those top model girls who don’t want to get their hair chopped on makeovers. Haha.

And so, I’m praying and hoping that the pain will just magically disappear. I know it’s not the right way of thinking because it doesn’t really solve the problem. But hey, I have other priorities. And this dramatic tooth should just stay put, I’m going to deal with it sometime next year (I hope so).


Before I call it a day, I’m leaving you with two photos I found on Twitter

First is this nice quote…

And next is this funny one…

But bear in mind that there’s no Thanksgiving in the Philippines so scrap the first line out haha. I actually find it weird that I see Happy Thanksgiving posts from Filipino friends on Facebook and Twitter. Do they have American relatives? Or do they think that posting about Thanksgiving make them relevant?

I’d rather observe Black Friday, since I have some SG Based friends who are willing to accept and deliver my online purchases lol.

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