MTA day 9 : Twilight, Tea and Pizza

The Big Ben in Lipa City, Batangas. It’s, of course, an “imitation” of the one in London. Sometimes, I go here just to think or appreciate the beauty of the twilight. Earlier, I went to the city to buy a gift for my godchild who’s turning one year old this Saturday. But I couldn’t find anything that interests me (she’s the daughter of a soon-to-be Mayor, so the gift shouldn’t be cheap).

I just spent time here instead and thought of a few things and captured a couple of photos of the sky

Hey there, Jollibee #Dayrefatties love you πŸ€—

There’s Mr. Sun. I didn’t notice that he was there when I took the photo. I was just in awe of the colors, how the darkness seems to be starting to envelop the city.

I was also thinking of the exam I took the other day; I have not yet received any feedback from them. It’s a bummer because to be scheduled for that exam took me almost half a year; the results are expected in 2-3days (third day tomorrow) but they usually send them out the day after the test. So I’m thinking, maybe I didn’t pass. I guess I just have to hold on to the fact that when God closes a door, He surely opens a window.

That is why, I went to this tea place in front of my sister’s school. It’s called Tea Leaves and initially thought it was the same as Infinitea (in Makati) because they also have the Popping Boba!

They also have a freedom wall – which I noticed is popular in establishments near schools. Maybe a lot of students have a penchant for vandalism, and this is a better and cleaner way to release those thoughts.

A closer look at the freedom wall – it contains a lot of declaration of love, who was here, greetings, follow requests, some emo posts.

I had Hazelnut milk tea + Popping Boba (P90). Honestly, I couldn’t tell the differences between these milk tea flavors. I’m just a fucking poser / social climber haha.

But really, I was just waiting for my sister because we will be fetched by our parents. And since they weren’t there yet, I waited inside the tea place, that’s why I had to buy something.

Ended the day with this Hi Protein Pizza from Shakey’s – poor photo, I know, but great pizza!

It’s only P225 for a regular size, yo. The waiter actually took the wrong order, I asked for a party size (P520). When he handed me the bill, I was surprised that it was half of what I expected to pay; and the regular size isn’t enough for me and my siblings. So I ordered another box haha.

Still worth it. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

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