MTA Day 5 : Househunt Thoughts

Another late person?!

Today, I’m waiting for my brother. And he is late 😭😭😭

I’m tasked, or well, I actually took the responsibility of helping him find a house here. If my mom would have it her way, me and my brother would be looking for a space for the two of us. She’d want us to live together. However, I said no. Because

1) we work in two different parts of the Metro, and even if we met halfway it just wouldn’t work. Hello!? Metro Manila traffic?

2) I want my brother to enjoy freedom.

But I need to teach him about responsibilities. I enjoyed my freedom too much that I went astray a lot of times. In as much as I wanted to tell him everything, I am feeling that the timing is not right yet. So I guess, I just have to guide him and be there for him when he needs me. And that doesn’t necessarily mean we need to live together.

3) Also, if we were to live together, I have a feeling that it’s going to be uncomfortable for both of us.

It’s going to feel like someone’s watching our every move.

Although I initially pitched that my brother needs to do the house hunting alone (and was terribly scolded by mom for it), I felt that he wanted to ask for help although he didn’t say it. That’s the thing with my siblings, we’re not really vocal / showy. I don’t know if they all got it from me and I might’ve gotten it from one or both of my parents. My parents both didn’t have siblings, my father had a brother but the brother died.

When I moved here, I was with my college classmates and we did everything together. It wasn’t only after a year that I decided to go my own way. But I never really asked for anyone’s help. I’d like to call myself a street smart wiseass haha. Part of me always wants to explore places and I never really had problems talking to strangers haha.

So I’m already talking too much because waiting for him is taking forever…

I guess I’d take a quick nap first, lol.

Yay! We found a place for my brother! He’ll be living in the same area I used to live in after I left my college classmates. Although he’ll be staying in a condominium, which is far better than the one I used to live in.

Problem solved! I just hope he’ll be okay here haha.

Okay, so after church, I thought of watching a movie and this is the only one aside from Hunger Games and Spectre that is shown in Greenbelt (where I usually go to watch).

I’ve read bad reviews about this, but I gave Angelina Jolie-Pitt the benefit of the doubt. First few scenes and I was already thinking that this was bordering on the trying hard to be an art film genre.

I would side with the critics, and rate this with a poor 3/6


Why? The story was really really simple.

And it’s extremely dragging. If you want to see a lot of Angelina’s bosoms, then go watch it. I was actually disturbed, oh well I’m gay, so that explains why.

The film has a lot of breasts, alcoholism and voyeurism. Plus, in some scenes, you’ll just be reminded of how perfect these couple were. Honestly, Mr. And Mrs. Smith was better.

You can just wait for this one to be available online πŸ˜‚

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