MTA day 4 : tardiness and performing arts

So hello.

I’m back in the Metro now, my friend and I booked tickets to a play tonight – Bridges of Madison County.

You know my friend, Angelica, the one who’s always late 😭. I’m meeting her and, she’s late again. I don’t know if I never really learned my lesson, or I never really know how to adjust my schedule to hers.. But today is somehow disappointing.

You see, She was the one who asked me to watch this with her. I didn’t know a thing about this play, tbh.

Bear in mind that I travelled all the way from the province just to watch this. I’m supposed to be on a vacation; but oh well, I already agreed months before so this was already part of the plan.

I left home around 1pm, arrived in Makati at 3:30. We agreed to meet at 5pm, but of course, knowing her sense of time, I didn’t rush. I was still at the condo at around 4:45, but I’m already prepping myself.

I received a message from her, asking me to move the meeting time to 6pm. I knew it.

But I’m already prepared, I don’t want to stay at home and wait when I’m already dressed. That’s why I went to the mall even if I knew I was already 30minutes ahead of time. Which is a bit annoying because:

1) I will still end up waiting since she moved the meeting to 6, and knowing her, she would still show up at 6

2) It’s Saturday, and the mall is just filled with so many people!!!! Seriously, where did all of you guys come from????

3) I hate screaming crying children (they’re everywhere)

See!!! Look at how crowded the mall gets. I wonder how they could even concentrate on shopping.

To pacify myself, I just bought fried dumplings (with rice) haha.

I guess after this, my friend and I are already fine. I’m easy to please πŸ˜‘

Here it is. We’re on time!

We noticed that instead of a huge tarp / photo wall, they just used a projector for the play’s title.

The story is about a housewife who left her motherland to be with a man whom she think she can love. She had two children with this man. Now the husband and their children went to the state fair, and while they were away a photographer passed by their farm asking for directions. This started a whirlwind romance between the wife and the photographer.

My friend’s obligatory ticket + stage shot.

The play was really good, they added a comedic flair to a serious subject. One of our friends said the movie version was boring, so we weren’t expecting much. See, less expectations = less disappointments.

So anyway, Mig Ayesa (Rockstar INXS) and Joanna Ampil (Miss Saigon) were the leads for this one, so if you’re having doubts about watching, then these two artists won’t be a waste of time and money.

Photo op with the lead actor, Mig Ayesa. I didn’t realize that he wasn’t that tall. When I first saw him in Rockstar INXS, I thought he was 6ft or something. Oh well, that must be what he got from his Filipino lineage.

He’s also a nice person, thanking everyone who watched and having pictures with fans while he was leaving the theater.

And the lead actress, Joanna Ampil, who’s got amazing vocal prowess. Gosh. I really envy people who could sing.

At least I could say that my
Saturday wasn’t a waste at all πŸ™‚

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