MTA day 1: Walking around Makati

First day of my long vacation!!!

I have absolutely nothing planned for this, the Bank just requires us to go on a 7-working day (in my case, the 6 because of the holidays) leave; we’re not allowed to be in the office or anywhere within some meters (i forgot) from any (of our bank and it’s branches and subsidiaries) premises.

It’s the Mandatory Time Away, or Audit Leave or Forced Leave. Banks do that mainly to check if

1) there’s no fraud happening
2) back up systems are in place and working

So I guess, you’ll be seeing more of me in the next thirteen days as I chronicle my vacation hahahah!


First thing to do during my vacation : Get a decent haircut.

There’s this concept called Barberdashery (barbershop + haberdashery) that’s getting a lot of buzz from young professionals lately.

So I set up an appointment today to try it out. I usually go to the salon to have my hair cut, but I figured, these barberdasheries offer almost the same price (some even cheaper). Maybe I can ask for a makeover? Hmmm. We’ll see.

Say hello to the Before and After. The Before looke like some nerd with wavy hair, see that curl forming on the right side? Hahaha! At least now it’s gone. But I think they highlighted my forehead even more. Oh well, that’s fine. Tyra Banks says it’s pretty haha. At least I now look clean and very much younger 😜

Ok. Whatever that thing (moisturizer, I guess) the barber put on my face is causing my glasses to slip. #AsianProblems

Weather with PMS

And as I was drinking my frappe, it rained – HARD. This is really weird, it’s like the weather is telling me to just lie in bed all day and never go out.

I feel bad for the policemen and soldiers stationed outside the hotels for the APEC summit. I hope they found a place to take cover from the rain 😦

And here’s the same area after a couple of minutes. Like I just uploaded the previous photo and then it stopped raining; and the sun just came out like it was playing a joke on us. 😱

Late Lunch

Yes. It’s 4pm and I’m just about to have my lunch. Why? Because I enjoyed walking around Makati, seeing the cars, policemen, soldiers etc. The security is extreme, you can see these uniformed men and women everywhere.

Being the rebel that I am, I thought of gatecrashing into the hotel but the thought of snipers hiding somewhere frightened me. So I just walked and walked and walked till I got hungry. No wonder my shoes are almost giving up on me.

I went to Mom & Tina’s because there are only a four people dining inside : a couple, and two other people who are by themselves. So I thought, well, at least I’m not the only one who will be judged here.

The thing is, sometimes, it’s a bit scary to eat alone. People would give you that look, the one that says, ooh how sad, he doesn’t have friends. Most of the time, I just won’t give a f*ck. But maybe because of the weather, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea.

Quarter Pound Salisbury Steak – I always come back for this one. It’s super super worth it, that huge mashed potato with overflowing gravy is awesome. The quarter pound patty will make your stomach full in no time. I even ate the green ones (which I regularly don’t).

This one’s just P260!


#DayreFatties #Foodies #Foodporn

Tonight, we turn our weapons to the Capitol!

I guess I’m ending the day again with another movie, this time with Miss Katniss Everdeen #Mockingjay2 .

Let me just say that I am not a fan of the Hunger Games, it’s just that I’ve watched all the other movies and so I guess, I need to watch the last one. Plus, I never really read the book. Actually, if there are movies made from books, I just watch the movie and read the book’s summary in Wikipedia.

Mockingjay part 2 brings us to the conclusion of the Hunger Games series, and I believe they did a good job in telling Miss Everdeen’s story. Of course, the acting was brilliant – that’s expected of J. Law already.

It wasn’t as bad as the third one, but still not as good as the first. Nonetheless, fans of the novel and the movie series wouldn’t be disappointed since all the characters have their moments – Even Phillip Seymour Hoffman, I’m not sure if it was CGI or previously filmed scenes.

I read that they just tweaked the script a bit, especially a moment that was supposed to be between Katniss and Plutarch.

It’s still a must see, especially if you’ve watched the other Hunger Games movies.

Overall, I’m giving the movie a 5/6.


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