Tuesday thoughts and A Movie


I’m feeling a bit weird today, not really tired-tired, but something just feels “not right”. Maybe it’s because of the too much negativity I read about the traffic caused by the APEC summit here. It’s like everyone is hating on the event and I’m the only one excited about it.

People are complaining because:

1) Roads are closed for the VIPs
2) They have minimal public transportation and traffic was undeniably horrible
3) Most are forced to walk for three hours just to get to their offices

Here’s a photo I got from the net.

However, personally (And maybe for the first time ever) I am siding with the government. Maybe the only wrong thing they did is that they didn’t suspend work for the entire time that they closed the roads. They did suspend work for but for govt. offices only, and of course, the people from the private sector are now complaining for the “unholy state” that they were put into.

But the thing is, this time, the government did not fail to disseminate information.

There were more than enough materials/references for people to be aware of what’s about to happen duriNG APEC WEEK – it’s all over the news, the internet and even my Facebook and Twitter feeds are bombarded with Announcements.

What those complaining should have done instead:

1) Take a leave, after all it’s gonna be a long week without work
2) If not possible to take leaves, firms should have arranged services for its employees
3) They should have left their homes a lot earlier than usual.

I mean, we already know how bad the traffic situation here is. How much more if they closed parts of the main roads? They should have known. And they should have prepared. Instead, they went on with their daily routines and were surprised by what happened.

I also read a post telling the president or the next ones, that they should not have volunteered the Philippines to be the host for the APEC summit. It’s a nightmare, we are not a good country etc etc.

Yes I don’t like our country’s current leader, but hey, it’s the APEC. It’s a rare opportunity for us to have leaders and movers of the world’s economy together in our humble, and yes, perfectly imperfect country.

It’s the feeling that hey, we are part of this world. We may not be on the forefront in terms of GDPs and GNPs, but at least they are noticing. And we are capable to host such an event!

I’m not kissing the government’s ass, I’m just happy to be here during this rare event.


I got this from a friend.

It is really hard to trust people nowadays. You’ll never know who has good intentions, who’s just using you and who’s just keeping you close because you’re the enemy.

As for me, I’m lucky to have found my core – the few friends who know everything about me, who will never judge me; regardless of who or what I’ve become; even if I’m a total messed up monster or some professional bitch. It’s good to have friends like them, always. They keep me grounded.

And as for those who don’t clap whenever I Win, I couldn’t care less. Lol.

I’ll just go on living my beautiful life and eating my favorite rice. Hahah!


Since I don’t want to contradict myself because I might complain on the lack of public transportation, I decided to just watch a #Movie . See, I told you, you can change the way you feel about the mess that is the Philippine transportation system haha.

And I’m glad I did because this movie was amazing. Bradley Cooper delivered an wonderful performance, together with a stellar cast that includes Sienna Miller and Emma Thompson

It’s about a chef wanting to have a third Michelin star, and attempting to seek redemption after falling into drugs. I heard Jamie Dornan (Mr. Grey) supposedly has a cameo, but was cut from the film because they do not want to draw too much attention on him; especially that they are gunning for an Oscar. Well with or without him, Bradley Cooper was so good I forgot he was really an actor and not a chef.

Verdict for this movie:



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