Sunday Spender

Happy Sunday!

We woke up to a Sex and the City movie on cable, so obviously, we all just watched even if we have already seen it back in ’08.

Needless to say, we ended up maximizing the remaining hours of our stay in the hotel by just lying in our beds πŸ™ƒ

We were like characters of this movie / series with me being Samantha, Aki claiming he’s Miranda, Geli is Carrie and Jesse (did not join the weekend getaway) is Charlotte lol.

Nothing has changed, we’re all still girls at heart, searching for that one thing that makes us all happy – LOVE.

Although, the four of us have different “levels” of experiences and maybe, expectations on the relationships. Maybe I should do a write up about that, and introduce my dear friends to you.

Here’s a photo of us three: Aki, Geli and Myself.

It has been a nice stay in Azumi, we were able to hide the extra person. The room is good for two and any additional person staying after midnight will be charged P990, plus another P500 if he’s gonna use the pool. We figured that they won’t really be monitoring the occupancies so we tried “hiding” Aki, but we were ready to pay the additional charges if ever they notice. But they didn’t, so, yipee!

We headed straight to Wai Ying (Chinese restaurant) in Manila for lunch. As usual, I ordered Siomai + Hakaw and rice (not in photo). I also had HK milk Tea, while the two of them had Congee.

It’s a located along Taft Avenue, just a few steps from De La Salle University.

Dessert is at Noriter Cafe (Aki’s Favorite coffee place in Manila).

This is an cute and artsy spot usually frequented by college students because of the chill vibe that it offers. We always chance upon students who are studying here, although some are just making out lol (you know, college kids).

And maybe, to let them enjoy that “freedom”, they allow customers to write on the floor, windows, walls (except the white ones). There are also boards set up on the walls just for vandals or post its, or whatever.

Inside, there is a space/cupboard (?) for paper cup artworks that customers make. It’s amazing to see how different artistic hands produce such beauty. A lot of the cup designs centered on “hugot” or “heartbreaks”, I guess, it’s just nice to know that this is a safer outlet than doing drugs or partying or doing bad things, lol.

The counter – they serve coffee, tea, shakes, some food and pastries. I honestly do not know the entire menu because every time I visit here, I go straight to the paper cup artworks haha.

Watched a movie called Assassin starring Shu Qi (from So Close) about (well) an assassin, raised and trained in exile by a nun. She was sent to kill a man who was previously betrothed to her. However, she was not able to do so because she still has some goodness in her heart. The film is a bit dragging, but the cinematography was impeccable.



And we ended up somewhere in Pasig, which is another location well known to foodies. It’s just my first time here, so I guess, it’s just appropriate to try the most famous Kanto Freestyle Breakfast.

Vigan Longganisa, Scrambled Eggs and Garlic Rice

Bacon Strips, Sunny Side up Eggs, Spam and Garlic Rice

And yes, we are eating breakfast food at night. Hahaha. I guess that ends my super spending weekend.

It’s the start of another work week tomorrow, but the APEC holidays are on the 18th and 19th. Plus I have my annual mandatory time away which starts on the 20th up to the 30th. So that leaves me with only two remaining working days for NOVEMBER! Boy am I excited hahah!!

#Travel #Foodie #DayreFatties #Philippines

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