Zombies, Cute Guys and Late dinner

I watched this tonight!!! I saw a clip on Facebook with two of the scouts and a zombie singing Baby One More Time. I’m a huge Britney fan, so when I went to the mall and saw that it’s already on, I wasted no time in buying a ticket.

The movie is about three friends (all scouts) and how they deal with a zombie invasion in their town. It was hilarious and parts of it were filled with scenes that made me remove my glasses and cover my eyes, something I usually do whenever I watch horror films.

Some things I noticed:

😍 Patrick Schwarzeneger was thereeeee!

😍 Two of the lead actors were cute!

😍 The stripper girl has really long legs

😍 The girl from Paper Towns was there

πŸ˜… The guy sitting beside me had to transfer seats because of my screaming and moving and turning like a fool haha

πŸ˜… This would actually qualify for a very stupid not to watch on cinemas movie, but it was fun and did I mention that the lead actors were cute? Haha.

Ladies and gents, Tye Sheridan. That cutie with awesomely luscious lips (gah I’m too old for this).

So my movie meter says this one’s a


Very Late Dinner

Scouring the city for decent and affordable restaurants open after 10pm on a Wednesday is a hard thing to do so I decided to just try a familiar place – Eternitea Leaf at Cityland Condominium.

They’re open till 11pm, and well, my huge tummy didn’t want to have some regular home cooked dinner at a nearby eatery.

And voila! This is what I had for dinner : Luncheon Meat Tonkatsu with Rice haha.

Hello #Dayrefatties

They also have a wide selection of teas / juices for those who are tired of the usual tea shops. There was a time when milk tea was a huge fad here.

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