Kris Kringle

It’s officially Christmas in the office! This year, @supermavic organized a mini Kris Kringle for our team, I do hope she makes a post for that coz she can describe it better than I can. Simply put, we’ll be exchanging gifts for 6 Fridays leading to Christmas!

Each week, someone will be assigned to choose the theme (codenames and outfit) and the gift criteria (something nice, naughty, whatever).

So for the first week, we have:

This was supposed to take place tomorrow, but since one of our teammates won’t be in the office, we decided to have the gift giving today!

PROBLEM IS: I haven’t bought a gift yet. You see, it’s a bit hard when you’re 30 and you’re looking for things that will remind you of your childhood.

Last Tuesday, I went to the mall with one thing in mind: a snow globe. It’s because I’ve always loved seeing one when I was a child and until now, whenever I come across one I couldn’t resist shaking it.

Unfortunately, the one I found was worth P700! Oh well, I already have some other thing in mind and I’ll just quickly go to the mall and buy a gift later. I just hope my baby will be able to use whatever it is I’m buying lol.

Our DIY gift box! My gifts are already there – the one from me and the one for my baby!!! We were to secretly give the person based on the codename used, if you’re wrong, you have to put the gift inside the box. Unfortunately, I made the wrong guess! 😱

This is getting exciting as it seems no one has gotten it right yet! We will be exchanging gifts by the end of the day and it’s already way beyond lunchtime. The suspense is killing me!! Haha!

Here’s my “childhood memory” outfit:

Baby cologne and Heart Shaped Paper Clips!

@supermavic and her kiddie outfit and gift!! Her mama was able to guess her codename right!!! She’s Yellow Ranger.

My codename is “The Big Bad Wolf”, not the one from Red Riding Hood, but the one from The Three Little Pigs. Why? Because I’m hairy. Lol. Honestly, no particular reason at all. I just wanted something different and something that cannot immediately be associated with me.

Say hello to my teammate’s Snoopy! This was a free toy from McDonald’s Happy Meal from a long, long time ago.

There was a huge debate earlier about the gender of the following cartoon characters : Winnie The Pooh, Tweety and Hello Kitty. If you know the answer, please sound off.

Got these hankies!! Yay!!!

My baby’s name was Dumbo. I gave the gift to the wrong person.

What’s inside my gift?

It’s a book called My First Book of Saints. When I was in Grade School, I used to go to the library and read lots and lots of books – but I remember wanting to have a copy of that one.

A photo of my gift and its recipient, my boss 😄😄

And we’re all happy with what we got!!!!

It’s a great kickoff for a fun #Christmas season!

And here comes another one! So aside from our team, the “kids” (fresh grads) from our department also organized another Kris Kringle! So another gift giving!!! Who says Christmas ain’t expensive, lol?

The theme is TV series. Unfortunately, for me, I picked a codename (you can’t create/choose your own) from a show I wasn’t even familiar with. I was told that he was a rough, extremely masculine guy – which is clearly, not me.

And My “Baby” is from another show that I also don’t watch lol.

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