The Halloween thing has started to become big in the Philippines nowadays. People are partying in their costumes, and everyone seems to be having fun!!

If I were to be in a costume, I'll be a….

Slutty Hooker!!!

Lol. what better day to be someone you're totally not than the Halloween??Haha.

But on a serious note, this day (at least in the Philippines) should be a day to remember our departed loved ones. I know it's a bit crowded and hot in the cemeteries, but we should all take time to visit them, Or at least spend some time to pray for them.

It's also a nice day to reconnect with the family. I had a great time this weekend with them, we went to the cemetery to visit our grandfathers, and we were singing and goofing around along the way. Of course, my younger siblings were looking forward to the free food that mom's gonna buy after the visit haha!

It's also a blessing in disguise that electricity was cut off yesterday (for reasons we still don't know yet), at least we stayed away from our phones haha. It's like the good old times!

This morning, though, I received a not so good news. But I did not let that deter me, remember that God's delays are never God's denials. Maybe something better is waiting for me out there 🤗

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