Spanish Films Recap

Since it’s a lazy Saturday for me, I guess I’ll do my late review of the Spanish movies I’ve seen a couple of weeks ago. I’m not really a pro at this, but I’ll give it a try… Now as to where you can have copies of the said movies, the internet is a vast resource for anything.. So even if you can’t find a copy for download, I’m guessing you’ll find someone or some place that has one.

Hermosa Juventud (Beautiful Youth) is a story about a couple who face the harsh reality of life when they unexpectedly had a child in the midst of not having decent jobs.

The movie portrayed a depiction of today’s smartphone savvy and social media obsessed youth; with practically nothing to do but hangout. The couple tried doing porn, I would assume for the money or just for the heck of it. Eventually the girl got pregnant and they try to live with the meager income of the guy.

Since it’s not enough, the girl had to move to Germany where there’s more money and the guy was left to take care of the child. Unfortunately, having not finished school (This I assumed because she had a brother whom she and her mom forces to study to not end up like her), she resorted to going back to the porn industry.

It was a sad take on this problem but it was an amazing way of telling their story. It even gave a glimpse of the social media activities of the couple thru instagram posts,

group chats, photo and video sharing, mobile games, etc..

There were also beautiful bits like the time the girl had a dialogue with her mom, where she realizes the pain and beauty of being a mother.

I’d give this :


La Isla Minima tells a story of two cops, sent to the marshlands to investigate the disappearance and murders of girls in the town.

As with all mystery thrillers, this one had me on the edge of my seat from the very start. The performances were astounding, even those who played small parts; and the camera shots are perfect – With special notice to the aerial shots of the marshlands.

The plot is also very twisted, mixing personal – one cop’s wife is expecting a baby, the other is sick;

Political – the town’s mayor wants the murders to be hidden as much as possible because the town has been under a lot of pressure because of marshland worker’s low wages; Moral – how do you deal with a partner who’s known to kill an innocent? Or what laws are you willing to break in order to save more lives?

It’s pretty and haunting. I’m giving it a perfect score.


The thing with art films is that you’ll be left speechless and wanting even after the credits come rolling up.

This one did just that, with barely enough dialogue from the main cast, it shows us the interconnecting stories of four individuals and the disturbing realities they’re all entangled in.

Simon and his friend Jota does illegal things – possibly for money. Simon had a kid at 16 and claims that it ruined his life. At his age, he still receives a lot of beating from his father.

Jota, on the other hand, desperately wants to have a kid – especially with his girlfriend Debi. His mom is in prison (i think), and he has nobody to guide him – which is similar to the two girls in the movie – Debi and Lucia.

Lucia is Debi’s friend, who sells drugs hiding them in the trolley of the baby she’s babysitting. She is the best friend of Debi, who helped her in trying to get an abortion; and allowed her to get drunk while she’s pregnant.

Debi got impregnated by Jota but she initially wanted to have the child aborted because she knows that the guy only lives on stealing horses and pigs and joining the “mafia”. When Jota asks her to live with him, she was hesitant at first but still she accepts the offer.

Their relationship wasn’t perfect and it was filled with lots of fighting. In the end, Debi leaves the house and was forced to deliver the child (with ear shattering screams) beside a river, by herself. That alone is

a must see, especially what happens after.

It is a weirdly beautiful movie, a must see for film aficionados.

Another perfect score for me.


Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales) is a collection of stories about distressed people, and how they deal with it.

I was particularly excited about this one because it seemed to be the one that would gross out a regular moviegoer. From the description, there would be peeing and shitting in the movie. And true enough, it was something very, very different.

Story 1: Passengers discover they were inside a plane being flown by someone they all did something bad to.

Pilot then crashes the plane in their house, where his parents – the cause of all his misery, stays.

Story 2: A waitress sees a loan shark, who was the cause of her father’s death, enter the restaurant she’s working at. Her co-worker insists that they put rat poison on the food, but the waitress doesn’t like the idea. Co worker still puts the poison. The loan shark’s kid comes to eat with him, waitress creates a scene to stop them from eating. Co worker then stabs the loan shark to death.

Story 3: Case of a road rage between a rich guy with a brand new car and probably a normal guy who drives slower than the usual just to piss off the other guy. Rich guy’s car suddenly had a problem and when the other guy comes, he starts to pick a fight – pees and shits on top of the other’s car. They end up dying haha.

Story 4: An engineer (who sets up explosives for work), gets fed up with the system when his car gets towed on the day of his daughter’s birthday.

He places a bomb inside his car and lets it explode when the towing company gets it again.

Story 5: A millionaire guy tries to cover up his son when he got involved in an accident that killed a woman and her baby. People around him – lawyer, investigator and his lawnmower who will admit to the crime – try to use this need as a way to get money from him until he gets fed up and decides to let his son just take the blame.

And story 6: bride finds out groom was cheating on her on their wedding day. Out of anger, she storms out of the reception and into the rooftop where she finds an old kitchen staff, who convinces her not to do anything she will regret. She proceeds to have intercourse with him, and the groom comes up and sees them. What follows next is a drama inside the reception, that involves a lot of wasted cake.

My rating? 5 out of 7. I didn’t like the second story that much.


Guy meets girl, finds him interesting, tries to woo her so he can take her home. Girl does not want to, she says no and leaves the guy. Guy is persistent, he only wants to talk. Convinces girl that he has fallen in love, takes off his clothes and professes his love naked. Girl agrees to go to his apartment. They talk more until girl feels that guy is lying. She walks out, uses the stairs instead of the elevator. Guy uses the elevator and was able to catch the girl before she leaves.

They spend the night together. The following morning, both of them appears to have changed personas. Guy is somewhat distant, girl became clingy. Turns out she’s actually sick in the head, she finds out guy has a girlfriend. Doesn’t wanna leave the guy’s place even if they argue that she should. Until they come into a truce at the rooftop. Guy goes back to his flat to get coffee, girl jumps off the building.

Crazy one night stand.

My verdict:


I saved the romcoms for last haha, this one is a cute story about a guy falling in love with a girl. Sounds ordinary? But it isn’t. I have no knowledge about the different Spanish subcultures until I saw this film. It’s a story about a Sevillan man and a Basque girl.

Seville – quick witted, outgoing

Basque – grumpy, nationalistic

– got this from one of the reviews.

Anyway the guy follows the girl to where she lives, which is scary if you were a Sevillan in a Basque region.

The girl just got stood up by her groom on their wedding and was trying to live with the shame and pay off the cost of the cancellation, and wants nothing to do with this guy. She shoos him away, and he walks in the Basque countryside. He accidentally threw a cigarette butt in the trash bin, which was then set on fire. He was caught by the police and was accused of being from a leftist group (I think).

The girl’s father then comes home and the girl was forced to get the guy out and make him

pretend that he was the one she’s supposed to be marrying. Of course he had to pretend he was Basque, which is completely opposite of who he was.

And then the story revolves around that. Haha. The movie was funny and feel-good. It’s a must see for hopeless romantics out there haha.

As for the verdict:


Tres Bodas De Mas. Girl gets dumped by her then boyfriend for being too normal. Or at least that’s the way I saw it. She always says yes to the guy, never arguing not even once. So she becomes this depressed workaholic, until a new intern comes in and gets assigned to her. Intern is this cute hot guy, who’s just carefree.

The girl, then, gets invited to three of her exes weddings.

Ex No. 1 was the surfer guy who was smitten by this super hot modelesque chick. They hit it off right away.

Intern accompanies her to the wedding “as a friend”, and they all have a good time. She meets this doctor who suddenly seems to be a great, perfect match. They go out for a while, and then girl finds herself falling.

Ex No. 2 is a transgender. She transitioned into a girl after the breakup. Coincidentally, the surgeon is the doctor from Ex. No 1’s wedding. But here’s the catch. Girl finds out doctor is already committed to someone at the day of Ex no. 2’s wedding.

Ex No. 3 is the most recent.

At the time she went to the wedding, she realized that these guys have treated her unfairly and that what she was looking for was right there all along – the intern, of course.

This was a pretty funny film, but I can relate with the girl and how desperately she wanted and needed to be loved; so I’m giving it a nearly perfect score haha.

Also, the punchlines are fresh, and I guarantee you will have a good laugh while watching this one.


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Well… That’s all for today, need to catch some sleep as we have an early call time tomorrow! Mum and I are gonna spend some bonding time doing our favorite activity- chasing celebrities lol!

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